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Posted: Monday 27 April, 2020

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Monday 20th April

More sunshine. Smokey’s sound, so as a treat, he got 10 minutes grazing in the vegetable garden. I paid bills and Dan dealt with his comfrey orders

DanMr Comfrey.

Tuesday 21st April

Grass seed man is  coming tomorrow, mid morning so the gate needs to be opened and the grass seed left out. Dan and I spent a couple of hours clearing up rushes that were topped harrowed and dumped over the fence onto the railway siding – they’re now in corner of field. Nothing worthwhile grew there anyway and the fences both on to the railway siding and to the corner house were pretty poor, so we’ll put a new line of fence across the corner before the cattle go out.

I moved sheep out of Far Top and into Home. Not much grass but some round the caravan. they’re still using Near Top too, because it gives them the field shelter

Wednesday 22nd April

More sunshine. The lambs looking well.

lambs2020 Ryeland ewes and lambs.

Dan and I sat outside and addressed envelopes for comfrey orders. It was braw. It was my turn to go shopping, bank and Harbro.

Grass seed man came – the field’s to be rolled but not harrowed, so Dan will finish this round of harrowing then put the roller on.

grassLet there be grass.

Thursday 23rd April

Cool and cloudy, then sunny and still.  Dan finished the second round of harrowing, with Sheepfold then processed more comfrey orders. He's been poo picking the ponies' field for me and cutting back the gorse as he goes.

gorseYay! We can see the fence again.


I housed the three Shetland sheep – they’re so greedy and so bonded, it was easy peasy. It’s a bit early – Kit’s due date is 28th, but they were all together at the gate, so it seemed like a good opportunity.

housingl-r Bambi, Kit and Scoot on their way to the maternity ward.

Finally got out my card making stuff and made a card for John’s birthday. It looks a wee bit childish, but I just need to practice. Once I get the “guest room that no-one sleeps in” converted into a craft room, we’ll be off and running!.

Gwenna went out last thing and came back hopping lame in her off fore. Not sure if this is the same leg as last time. I had some Metacam from last time, so gave her that and will call the vet tomorrow..

Friday 24th April

Still sunny and dry. Dan got the roller on and rolled about 1/3 of Laing’s Field then planted potatoes in the new potato and comfrey bed; we’re going to put raspberries in it in the autumn but it was covered in a thick layer of manure and weed suppressing fabric two years ago, I think. Looks braw soil now!

potatoesPotato bed.

I finally finished clearing and weeding the strawberries; gave them a feed of comfrey liquid and we’ll see how they go. We’ll be taking them out after fruiting, so we’ll get a good chance to give the bed a good wed. It’s full of couch.

Euro was lame this morning – he had a big stone in his hoof, so it’s now out but he’s probably bruised, so gave him some Bute. Phoned the vet about Gwenna and got more Metacam, so picked that up along with our Heptavac and spot-on for three cats.

Saturday 25th April

Moved the ewes and lambs to Near Ditch.

Sunday 26th April

Gwenna’s  still lame; Euro’s better but not completely sound. Tara, Rebecca and I took the ponies for a walk in-hand, maintaining social distancing. It will help keep them fit – Smokey’s breathing seems much better since he’s been exercised.

There was rain forecast for today but it came to nothing – also forecast for tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

It was John’s birthday today so we roasted a Shetland beef rib joint. It was fabulous – and lots of leftovers for tomorrow and the freezer.


Steve Boatright

Monday 4 May, 2020 at 5:46pm

I was looking for advice on pig rations (which I found) then got distracted into reading the farm diary, so good to read about the daily life of the smallholding, how it is both similar and different to our smallholding. It also reminds me that the life is a good one, with ups and downs, and that we all have successes to celebrate. Best of luck for the rest of the year!

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