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Friday 23 June, 2017

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Monday 12th June

Dry, sunny and windy today.

Got a message today from Bryn’s breeder confirming that Bryn’s mum is in pup to his dad, with the puppies due around 26th June. Fingers crossed that all goes well and we get a wee sister for Bryn.

Bryn himself was at the vet today with Bertie and Felix for their annual check up and boosters.

Milking was “cowboy style” this morning as Blizzard’s hormones are clearly driving Ace to distraction and he’s continually trying to jump her. Hope it all calms down soon.

Tuesday 13th June

Sadly, we lost our wee old cat Felix today. We’re not quite sure what happened, but he was out sunbathing, was found apparently fitting and he dies in my arms as we prepared to rush to the vet.

He was 17 past in November. Everyone will miss him tremendously, humans, cats and dogs.

Bertie and FelixFelix sleeping with Bertie, who adored him.

Felix asleep in the grassFelix asleep in the grass.

He was a house cat in the winter and an outdoor cat in the summer, but never slept outside at night. Mostly he slept on our bed, often on my pillow. He was the sweetest soul and so friendly.

Felix and RosemaryFelix in his favourite place, cuddling Rosemary.

Hoof trimmer was here today doing Smokey’s and Bug’s feet.

The cow hormones are receding and milking was much easier today. Blizzard was milked for the first time – she wasn’t awfully keen, so tomorrow we’ll milk her first while she’s still eating.

Moved all the sheep back to Ravensby.

Wednesday 14th June

Paddy got his ear tags in today. I’m feeling more confident about it now.

Dan started a new batch of home brew. He uses kits and usually gets excellent results, and it saves quite a lot of money. This time we’re trying a new kit – Woodforde’s Sundew Real Ale Kit.

Woodforde's Sundew Real Ale KitWoodforde's Sundew under way, looking underwhelming at this stage!

Should be ready to drink in about 4 weeks. :-)

Thursday 15th June

Headed off to my sister’s today to pick up a second hand trailer we’ve bought.

Booked the vet to come tomorrow to put a castration ring on Paddy. I can only get the testicles down by manipulation and I’m not confident that I can do that and get the ring on safely and correctly.

Dan took Bryn across to the golf course for a walk and discovered a source of Dryad’s Saddle mushrooms.

Dryad's Saddle mushroomType your caption here.

Unfortunately they are quite mature and only really palatable when very young, so we’ll be keeping an eye out next May to forage some for eating.

Bryn found the going a bit hot and cooled down in the wee loch at the golf course.

Bryn out for a walkBryn and his balls.

Friday 16th June

Drove home with the trailer today; it was a better drive back than down, with no rain and less busy roads.

Paddy’s procedure went without a hitch and the vet student with our vet videoed it, so we’ll know what to do next time.

Vet castrating PaddyPaddy being castrated with a rubber ring.

Saturday 17th June

Hot and windy today.

We were at the local Beach Rugby tournament with three sheep, eggs and yarn. Could have sold the sheep a few times but I guess June isn’t yarn-selling time. We did give out a lot of leaflets though.

Winter at Carnoustie beach rugbyWinter meeting a young fan at the Carnoustie beach rugby.

Still, it was lovely seeing kids (and some adults) getting up close with the sheep

Sunday 18th June

Hot and windy again.

Did some fairly desultory tidying up and made a list for when it’s cooler.

For today’s excitement, Ace got into the ponies field. The cows and calves stood at the open gate and watched Lucy chase Ace then double barrelled him. Ace then decided that he’d prefer to be in with his girls and beat a retreat to his own field. Smokey and Bug took no part in the telling off of the bull.

Bertie, our oldest cat (we think) and the only pet that we now have that moved here with us, is living in a straw filled rubble bag in the barn. Or sleeping on top of the bale of hay. Or loafing in the polytunnel.

This is not unusual. He’ll move back indoors in the autumn.



Friday 23 June, 2017 at 4:43pm

Sad I love my old cat she is 17 it must of been time for her have a nice day


Saturday 24 June, 2017 at 11:46am

I' m so sorry about your dear old cat, it's never a good time to lose a friend but a relief when they go at home.

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