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Posted: Monday 19 August, 2019

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Monday 12th August

Dry and sunny with a breeze – good fro drying up soggy soil, I hope. Dan cut the grass and checked the bees. The nuc is now queenless so will die out over the next few weeks.

The brambles Dan planted in the orchard are doing well.

bramblesBumper crop of brambles.

I got into the vegetable garden; weeded the leeks, which have all taken well, and the runners, lifted shallots and some beetroot, picked peas and some blueberries. Then into the polytunnel to weed where thee are no tomatoes, cucumbers of squash; pulled out the peas and beans, which are done now.

Tuesday 13th August

Sunny, warm and breezy. Water levels are dropping.

homeHome paddock.

Dan and I decided to have the afternoon off. Did some housework – vacuum cleaners still work! Baked mini filo homity pies – very nice, so on the “Afternoon Tea Recipe” list.

Dan burned the old newspaper that I had crammed into the brazier – took longer than he (and I ) thought. Ross and Guide Dog Nikki came for a visit, so that tired our dogs out – sat with our feet up this afternoon. I read, Dan knitted.

Two heavy showers this evening.

Wednesday 14th August

Standing water in the pig and hen pens ahs almost gone but there’s more rain forecast. The Black Blues are now in with the other ewes, but keeping their distance and looking down their aristocratic noses at them.

I bought new wellies – can’t tell you how much I love them. New diary last week, new wellies this – what a lucky person I am. Bought them at Harbro, where I could try them on. T’internet is fine for some things.

welliesNew wellies.

The winter brassica plants I ordered finally arrived after a week in the tender care of the Royal Mail. Cabbage Tundra F1, Cauliflower Amsterdam, Kale Reflex, and Purple Sprouting Broccoli Rudolph – all planted now, so fingers crossed. The soil was so warm and it’s rained tonight.

Thursday 15th August

Dan extracted honey – about 20 jars. I cleaned out the hens.

Friday 16th  August

Spend much of the day baking because we’ve got two courses over the weekend – flapjack, gingerbread biscuits, ginger nuts, raspberry and chocolate muffins and coconut mounds. I’ll do scones fresh each morning. Dan’s cooking roast pork on Saturday and roast chicken on Sunday.

Saturday 17th August

Great Introduction to Smallholding today – good enthusiastic group with lots of questions and ideas. And one participant fell in love with the Ryelands and is interested in a few ewe lambs.

Sunday 18th August

Another good sheep keeping course - four folk from yesterday here again today. Managed to miss the torrential shower after lunch, then hands on ewes and tup, with most having a go at foot trimming.

All tidied up and an early night planned, to start the week fresh. Long to do list, as I’m away three days the following week.

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