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Posted: Thursday 27 December, 2007

by Rosemary at 5:19pm in Anything goes 5 comments Add your own

Well, Christmas hasn't QUITE turned out as expected. Lorna, our daughter, went down with a heavy cold on Sunday, I succumbed on Christmas Day and now Dan has the lurgy. Fortunately, Lorna's now fine apart from a bit of a runny nose and I feel loads better tonight.

I had planned to start preparing for the new year today and I had hoped to get Smokey out for a walk, but the weather has been miserable and we felt rough, so it was do the bare minimum and huddle round the fire to watch the horseracing.

I always fancy odd things to eat if I'm not well - today I've had three bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a bottle of flat, warm Coke. I never drink Coke normally (anything that can shine up your sink shouldn't really be consumed) but that's what I really wanted today. Sometimes, it's semolina or tomato soup (Heinz) or cold baked beans. Having not eaten much either Christmas Day or Boxing Day, the munchies are now upon me so I'm off now to see what other leftovers are in the fridge and to find out where Dan's hidden the chocolates.


Brad K.

Friday 28 December, 2007 at 2:01am

I think I had that cold about 2 weeks ago. Alka-Selzer Plus Cold helped a lot.

So does saline nasal mist. Amazing stuff, no medications: Once an hour, twice in each side, and blow. Clears up to a sinus infection, helps manage dry-sinus nosebleeds, congestion, etc.

Hot green tea with honey. Or Celestial Seasoning makes a Honey Lemon Ginseng that helps sinuses.

Paul Harvey reported some time ago that humming is as good as most medication for clearing the sinuses. The second night with the cold I lay there and wondered - how different is humming, really, from a moan?

If you try the chicken soup remedy, one report claims it is the fat in the soup that is the active ingredient - it causes the sinuses to flush, reducing the re-infection of the cold virus. So don't bother with non-fat chicken soup.

Except, warm liquids, including plain hot water, are comfort foods and help soothe the stomach. These are good things.

The thing with the coke isn't surprising. You are dealing with a lot of sinus drainage, and the harshness of the coke (Dr. Pepper for me) helps cut the crud in the throat and stomach. An alternate for the throat is warm salt water gargle, that is pretty good at cutting the mucous (see saline nasal mist, above).

Another support tactic is oatmeal, or psyllium husk (that is the active stuff in metamucil, once you remove the sugar and orange flavor. It is an acquired .. tolerance.). Psyllium husk and to a bit lesser extent oatmeal includes soluble fiber as well as insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber gets into the blood stream and helps collect toxins and wastes at the cell level, insoluble fiber never leaves the gut, and helps form softer masses. Psyllium husk handles 12 times its mass in mucous. Take a teaspoon once a day with 12 oz. water - don't double up, no one likes surprises.

Don't forget the echinacea and golden seal at the start of the cold, for a day or so. This helps jump start the immune system and keeps the cold as short as possible. Vitamin C is always great, as a supplement or fruit. Fruit and fruit juice have the advantage of lots of good fiber, and fiber is good with a cold.

Feel better soon!


Friday 28 December, 2007 at 10:48am

Hi folks,

I've spent the last hour plus catching up with what you've been up to since we went off WWOOFing last May - thanks for your interest in our trip.

You seem to have achieved a huge amount and I find myself torn between envy of your commitment and achievement and the feeling that we'd have to stay at home to begin to do that which would prevent us from having more adventures!

Anyway you are without doubt a huge inspiration to the many folk who look at your site and also as you gain in experience, a wealth of information.

We'll be in touch soon and hopefully meet up again. Sorry you had a dose of the lurgy, Rosemary, many people seem to have been smitten over the "festive" period.

Best wishes from us both

Val and Merv


Friday 28 December, 2007 at 6:02pm

sorry you all got the lurgy!


Thursday 3 January, 2008 at 7:16am

Stopped by to say; "HAPPY NEW YEAR", and was sad to see you all have been sick. Hope you are better really soon! Does your daughter live at home still? Please take care. I will be back after I catch up around here.

Rosemary Champion

Friday 4 January, 2008 at 5:09pm

Thanks for the good wishes - we're all much better now apart from the residual coughs!

One of the good things is that I've gon off chocolate. I know it won't last but I might get into the habit of NOT eating it!

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