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Title: kitchen garden dvd
Post by: Alicenz on June 17, 2013, 12:45:26 pm
Hi all, raining,pouring, flooding, muddy and miserable here so what better to do than watch a fabulous DVD series that i thought some of you may be interested in.  Its called the Victorian Kitchen Garden, there is also one on the flower garden and the kitchen, I think it comes as a set of 6 DVDs. BBC and made in the 80's by Peter Thoday. The kitchen garden one is great, lots of interesting ways of growing plants out of season, in hot beds, glass houses dark houses etc, from a time when they had to feed huge households all year round, suddenly made me realise the responsibility that held for the gardeners.  The man who is doing it was a head gardener himself so it is all first hand.  Has me inspired! Winter starting here, and I am planning a much more interesting vege garden than my sad little non productive clay patch!  I think it is going to be raised and MAYBE heated by manure!