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Renewables / Re: Tripple glazing return on investment etc.
« Last post by doganjo on Today at 08:38:31 pm »
Well we've taken th plunge found that thbLady next door ( the good neighbour ) was having replacement DG .
As her bungalow is the same as ours I was cheeky and asked how much she paid …..£ 4.8 K for 9 windows only r . The guys fitting them have been with the company for 21 years when the company started up 17 years & 3 x 15 years well professional cleaned up no shouting or messing around .. told them who I was and where and asked about doing a similar fit in our bungalow .. , " Yes " .

 Then I asked about Pilkington 2 nitrogen fllled triple glazing & a front door with little or no cill  so I cn get my electric whel chair in 7 out with me in it  as some time I have to resort to using it for a week or more at a time . " Yes , we  do all that as well " .
 The guys fitting  the DG next door came and did the survey when they finished up working there.
 Amazed the triple came out at only £ 6900 as the local to us DG glazing  chancers who fitted the replacement panels last time round were asking for £9400

They should be fitted around the end of October or earlier depending on how the weather is , for they will not fit if it is tipping it down to save the customers property from getting soaking wet inside .
Sounds an excellent firm. Recommend them to everyone you know.  I'm going to look for local Jpiner firms who will install wwindows and doors
Renewables / Re: Tripple glazing return on investment etc.
« Last post by doganjo on Today at 08:35:21 pm »
My double glazed 1970s windows have Everest secondary glazing as well to reduce road noise and it does work but all the windows are metal rimmed and 2 of the bigger living room ones are now getting a wee bit steamy on the inside, which makes them look like I never clean them.

House and holding are on the market so I wasn't going to do anything but now I'm wondering whether it would help sell the property and looking for ideas.  I had one bedroom window replaced by a local tradesman a few years back with new double glazed hand fitted timber frame and it's great but still had to put the secondary back in front of it so it doesn't look that much better from inside than the old ones - and it cost £1000 for that single window :o

Can't do the big 4m picture window at that rate so interested in how you got on/get on please?
Hope you didn't replace your windows.  Most people will want to put in their own new double glazing. I've bought another house which has dark wood windows and doors, same as my present house had.  They were the age of the house - 1988 for this one and 1991 for the one I'm m0ving to.  I replaced these and fully intend to replace the ones in the new house.  It's called time improvement and future proofing

Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Buttermilk on Today at 07:15:43 pm »
Fruit / Re: Apple tree - what is it suffering from?
« Last post by pgkevet on Today at 07:09:02 pm »
Wikipedia says, about Bordeaux mixture...

It is sprayed on plants as a preventative; its mode of action is ineffective after a fungus has become established.
When i used it on my spuds it was immediately aftet a blight watch warning and before the blight could take hold.
However my citrus is prone to getting nasty fluffy fungal areas developing early winter when put back into the citrus house because of the obvious reduction in ventilation when keeping it frost free. At that time it unquestionably stops the problem spreading to other parts of the trees.
The difference is between systemic and topical infection - a surface treatment can't stop something that already inside (unless it's absorbed too)
Dogs / Re: Buzzard
« Last post by sabrina on Today at 04:45:52 pm »
will need to make sure the big dogs are with us too.
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Zyg on Today at 03:50:36 pm »
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by smhowie on Today at 03:24:04 pm »
Dogs / Re: Buzzard
« Last post by Fleecewife on Today at 12:53:42 pm »
I think you came pretty close to losing your little puppy there Sabrina  :dog:
Fruit / Re: Apple tree - what is it suffering from?
« Last post by Briggsy from Gower on Today at 12:21:07 pm »
Hi pgkeveet,

The tree has dropped all but one apple, which is in good shape.

Things don't appear to be getting any worse. He's got a terrible lean (I learned recently that people used to plant their small fruit at 45 degrees which explains the crazy nature of our orchard), however I think this winter I will install a good support, possibly the tree is just a bit stressed.

I don't think it is scab, but will keep a watchful eye out.
Dogs / Re: Buzzard
« Last post by macgro7 on Today at 12:18:26 pm »
It happens quit a lot in Scotland. Eagles taking dogs...

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