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Introduce yourself / Re: Long time lurker, first time poster!
« Last post by PipKelpy on Today at 08:44:02 pm »
Ditto re expensive hobby!! Praying for Sun and heat so the grass will dry and can get my hay done! Was planning on just 3 acres this year but due to wonky weather grass is reaching for the sun and 3 acres is now around 6 acres looking beautifully green with heads!! Tup due in at the weekend for 5 sheep and cattle and sheep being strip grazed all over the place and I'm running out of fencers!! But take deep breath and remember how lucky we who have land are and the "pleasure" (at times through gritted teeth) we all feel when we see bales of hay stacked in shed, home grown produce looking just like it does in the catalogue (yeah right!) and the chirping of birds in the sky yadda yadda yadda! My spuds have gone demented, something has eaten my runner beans and my lettuces have bolted due to the weather! But other than that, it's just another day with a very expensive hobby, that i WOULDN'T give up for ANYTHING!!

Ps - for me income from the land is selling excess lambs at auction (we eat most of them) and selling finished pork after buying in weaners, customers are sister and cousin, the same with beef. Finding customers who will pay can be a problem as another smallholder in my area found out. He told me that people no longer wanted to buy half a pig, only wanted the choicest cuts or would pay only so much. As a business he couldn't afford that. That's why I only ever sell to family now. People passing comment about the cost of proper meat yet thinking nothing about buying the latest gadget, I can do without! Good luck with whatever you do!
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Perris on Today at 08:17:25 pm »
Equipment / Re: Stihl strimmer problem
« Last post by Zyg on Today at 07:25:45 pm »
Sounds like fuel starvation - have you tried cleaning the air filter
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Zyg on Today at 07:21:56 pm »
Pigs / What do you charge for your pork?
« Last post by Justin on Today at 06:41:03 pm »
This is our third year raising pigs. As we run a glamping site, we sell some of the bacon and sausages/burgers to our guests, all prepped/packed by a local butcher, we price them by the pack.

This year, we've had a couple of friends ask to buy half a pig and I'm wondering what sort of cost other people charge if they sell that sort of half-a-pig box. It'll be butchered by our local chap according to how people like it divided but other than taking the feed cost and butchery cost and working that out per pig then adding 'a bit' for time and profit, I just wondered what others might be charging. These are Berkshires, outdoor raised, no antibiotics etc and the tastiest pork I've ever eaten.

Marketplace / Re: FS Tamworth weaners (Scottish Borders)
« Last post by shankendfarming on Today at 05:55:58 pm »
Signal is rubbish with me but I've dropped you a text. I've got 10 weaners which are ready to go now and 5 others which will be ready in 2 weeks time

Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Buttermilk on Today at 05:40:53 pm »
Sheep / Re: Botfly
« Last post by Pete2 on Today at 04:50:06 pm »
I bought some Oramec and drenched them last Friday and by Sunday they were looking about 75% better and Monday 100%. Checked them again this morning and no snotty noses and so I am hoping that they are cured.
 Thanks all.
Land Management / Re: Harrowing: how long grass is too long?
« Last post by landroverroy on Today at 04:12:58 pm »
I'm looking at getting a small spring tine harrow with the hope of getting rid of some of the dead and rubbish in my grass... but when is the grass too long to harrow? It's probably about ankle height currently with plenty of weeds that are taller....

Depends how thick it is also. i would be tempted to get something to eat down the new growth you have, and then harrow what's left. Otherwise - just try it and see if you get the desired effect. 
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by in the hills on Today at 03:39:27 pm »

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