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Identification / Re: what is this
« Last post by Ghdp on Today at 08:10:01 pm »
I thought of the fruit on japonica. Does it have thorns. I remember a thorny bush with such fruit in the garden where I was a child.We were told it was japonica.
Renewables / Power walls /battery banks
« Last post by cloddopper on Today at 07:51:12 pm »
Has any one done any research /looking into the rechargeable battery banks /power walls  that are /can be connected to their solar PV panels?

 If so do you have any rough costs ….. for say a 13 kw hr wall hanging or floor standing bank ?

 I've found ""  promoting them, does anyone have any other sources to look into ?
Poultry & Waterfowl / Re: Muscovies
« Last post by roddycm on Today at 07:44:25 pm »
I find my males get too heavy to fly and the females only fly a lot when they are young as they get older they don't fly more than 20 meters or so. I've had muscovies forever but know that everyone seems to have different experiences with theirs so you best bet is just to see what works best for you. I guess it may depend on your set up.... I would say clip their wings to start with to be on the safe side :)
Buildings & planning / Re: Public right of way over fields
« Last post by Backinwellies on Today at 07:14:09 pm »
Think Id be rather more worried about a joint access track probably.... depending on where property is.... on edge of large urban area with lots of dog walkers footpaths would be nightmare  …. very rural with plenty of places to walk not really an issue.
Buildings & planning / Re: Public right of way over fields
« Last post by tommytink on Today at 05:29:38 pm »
Trouble is TT that the vendors are obviously going to say that not many people use the footpath! But it only takes one to make your life a misery.

This was my thought originally - they're not going to say "yeah, there's loads of them and they're a real pain". The path itself did not exactly look well-used. It wasn't down-trodden or anything. I wish I'd walked up it a bit though, didn't think at the time, and now I'm a 3-hour drive away (so asking neighbours etc is out as well).

I live in Scotland and there is a right to roam up here, basically one can wander willy nilly on people's property - with certain caveats.

I thought about this too. I also compared it to if you lived on a road in a town where there's a public footpath outside your door (which I have also done), and you don't think anything of it. But then I suppose that's not "your" land. It must be to do with the thought of owning something and having to allow others on it?

I've been looking for over a year now and have just withdrawn from another purchase with much less acreage that was in poor condition. I didn't stop looking/viewing properties so deep down I knew it wasn't right. Now this one has come along and there are a couple of things I said I didn't want (footpaths and access via a track shared with other properties), but I like the property itself and what comes with it (about 16 acres, outbuildings, etc etc).

So, no one would be walking passed my window. It's only on the edges and the diagonal bit across the field. I am wary of idiots, especially with dogs, and as you say people bleating on about their "rights". There is plenty of room to move animals to another field, although I don't really want to have to keep one empty just in case someone walks in it.

So frustrating. The market is so competitive at the moment it doesn't give you a chance to think.

Basically I have to think to myself can I live with the thought that someone might be walking on "my" property. The current owners have been there over 20 years so if it was that awful I'd guess they'd have moved by now... I just don't know!
Primitive Sheep / Re: German Red Fox Sheep
« Last post by kanisha on Today at 05:16:15 pm »
As i understand it technically they are white sheep with high phaeomelanin (red factor) not sure how fine fleeced they are coarser fibres generally carry fibre better.
Not at all.

If farmers could cancel movements, many of them would cancel movements after they weren’t stopped and checked, and avoid the standstill ;)

By the same logic you could move sheep with a paper licence and then bin the licence if you weren't stopped... You can cancel electronic pig movement licences yourself
Equipment / Compact tractor
« Last post by doodlebugger on Today at 03:57:26 pm »
I have decided to get my own compact tractor. I have no great preference between Iseki and John Deere, prices are very similar for similar models, so interested on people's feelings about reliability and I guess ease of use.
Not at all.

If farmers could cancel movements, many of them would cancel movements after they weren’t stopped and checked, and avoid the standstill ;)
Buildings & planning / Re: Public right of way over fields
« Last post by SallyintNorth on Today at 03:33:34 pm »
I used to be on the Rights of Way committee where I lived near Devizes.

First of all, unless things have changed in the last 12 years, it will cost upwards of £400 just to apply to change the route.  This is to cover the Council’s costs in publishing the notices in the local newspapers etc.

Secondly, again unless things have changed recently, there needs to be a compelling reason to change the route.  Examples of reasons that don’t work include :

- I don’t like walkers on my land
- I keep sheep in that field
- I lamb in that field
- I keep an aggressive bull in that field
- I grow crops in that field

Etc etc.  Some farmers apply for and get a permission to reroute a path for a period of time each year, eg for lambing or for a particular crop, but in general you just have to lump it.

Proposing to make (at your own expense) a new route that’s wheelchair-friendly might help. 

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