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Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Mad Goatwoman of Madeley on February 19, 2018, 10:05:36 pm »
Marketplace / Re: FS 2.8kW petrol generator, (Scottish Borders)
« Last post by shankendfarming on February 19, 2018, 08:34:26 pm »
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Perris on February 19, 2018, 07:46:26 pm »
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by in the hills on February 19, 2018, 07:23:13 pm »
Coffee Lounge / Re: I know it's been done before but...
« Last post by Buttermilk on February 19, 2018, 07:08:38 pm »
Poultry & Waterfowl / Re: Bananas
« Last post by Eve on February 19, 2018, 06:25:01 pm »
Gave our pet cockerel some banana once and never again. A few hours later and there was a huge mess- seems it reacted with his gut, formed a lot of gas which then caused a big eruption. Would perhaps be worried if the gas couldn't escape for some reason, resulting in internal rupture?

Oh dear, clearly a banana-intolerant bird! I've given it to over 100 birds over the years (they used to share them with the pigs - also great banana lovers) and never had an issue.
Yes, in England (just!). 
I have registered with the DEFRA website and set up a SBI number etc, but the previous owner has not yet transferred their Entitlements, so I guess a call to my solicitors who dealt with the sale is in order! 

£200 per hectare doesnt sonund like much, but as you say, it is better than nothing and can be put towards something useful to improve the ground. 

Many thanks
Coffee Lounge / A smallholder's dream
« Last post by Rosemary on February 19, 2018, 06:22:00 pm »
"If you long to live on the land and develop your own projects but can't afford to buy a smallholding, this may be the answer to your dreams.

A smallholding of 6.1 hectares on the Black Ilse (Ross-shire - just north of Inverness) with panoramic views and seclusion without being too isolated. The infrastructure costs and livestock costs are carried by the owner and you provide the labour and consumables. Profit is shared 60/40 to the owner/you.

There is a 70 foot commercial polytunnel, two hen houses with large enclosures, a cow shelter for up to 4 cows, a donkey shelter for 2-3 donkeys, a 'Log Cabin' available most of the time for your accommodation with log burner and great views. (Airbnb has been offered so some dates are already booked but it will be removed from Airbnb for dates after the end of August, and blocked for dates preceding the end of August not already booked.) Will have 4 cows, 2 rare breed Kerries and 2 Ayrshire, 1 Kerry bull and possibly a calf or two.

Also planning up to 50 free range hens, a couple of goats and a couple of sheep (maybe rare breed Portland Down). There is a half acre area intended for a vegetable and fruit bush growing area (needing to be made) and a small number of rather neglected fruit trees which is the beginning of an orchard area. Some land is set aside for agri-environmental schemes, hedging, wild flower meadow, bird seed planting area.

There are various tools (strimmer, chain saw, manual log splitter, etc) a quad bike and a trailer (pending replacement with a larger one). A shipping container, an animal food store, a bore hole  (providing all our own water needs) in a shed with freezer, a bike shed with washing machine and a large storage shed. A planning application for a two bed single storey house on site has been submitted (for shared use of manager/owner. )

Tel Sally Ann on 07876717073  or email

The immediate need is for a part-time (21 hours), assistant herdsman and donkey carer - willing to rough it, live in mobile home with amazing views and good heating, washing facilities etc (all in exchange for 10 hours work) shared use of car (VW golf), quad bike and trailer for onsite work, 3 hours a day (8-10. 30 and 5-5.30 approx) and some extra work available on site at £10 an hour. Can look for work in local area - Inverness, Dingwall etc for hours from 10.30-4.30 or evenings/nights with use of car. 07876717073 Immediate start.
What are you hatching them for? I find people would rather buy pure bred than cross bred pullets so do cream legbars and welsummers.
Marketplace / IH674 tractor with loader for sale Aberdeenshire
« Last post by TonyG on February 19, 2018, 06:03:12 pm »
Spotted this ad if anyone's interested.

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