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Author Topic: "Lister Clippers" are they the best tool for shearing?  (Read 7681 times)

Re: "Lister Clippers" are they the best tool for shearing?
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2010, 09:09:39 pm »
The choice of hand shears is endless, small, Large, offset, single-bow, double bow etc.

We sell over 18 different variations - depends what feels right in your hand.

If going for hand shears make sure you have a stone to keep them sharp - and also oil well when not in use!

On power clippers, agreed the overhead ones are the best for dealing with any quantity of sheep, but for a few sheep there are electric models - both 12 & 240V that will do the job - you may just get more aches in your hand than with an overhead version.

My advice would be to either get in a travelling shearer, or if you are determined to do it yourself then buy the best that your budget will allow so that it will last.

Oh and then dont forget to save a few quid for :

1 ) A tube of superglue
2) Some of this :

Thanks - Safe Secure shopping for all your livestock equipment and supplies.
Also for more larger farm related items


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Re: "Lister Clippers" are they the best tool for shearing?
« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2010, 12:53:14 am »
It's not essential to cut the sheep when shearing  ;D  The main reason that we turned to handshearing is that it is so calm, no rush, no noise, no crowds, so plenty of time to do the shearing well and avoid injuring the sheep.  With the whole of June to get the shearing done and a small flock (we usually shear about 50 or so) you can afford to take the time and do it properly.  With hand shears you can feel if you have got it wrong and are about to cut the skin and stop in time - with electric shears there is no immediate feedback. But if you do cut the skin, then superglue is great - it was developed as an instant wound closure and still does the job well.
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