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Title: Dead Lamb
Post by: shrekfeet on March 25, 2012, 08:25:10 pm
Lambed our last ewe today. She had her first unaided at about 4pm by 6.30 she was straining but no progres. On examination there was a head but the feet were back. The lamb was delivered quickly, it was very larg but dead. Why would this be? The shepherd who helped said that as the mouth was purple it had clearly been dead some time, maybe 24hours. Is this fact.

I'm ju8st curious really, for it to have come all this way, be ready for life and then be still born makes me wonder why that would happen. Did we wait too long before getting involved or any other explanations?

Glad it's all over, been a bit stressful this year. Now to keep them alive for a few months

Title: Re: Dead Lamb
Post by: jaykay on March 25, 2012, 09:13:09 pm
I think they can start the journey out and the placenta can start to come away and then if they're not born soon they don't get any oxygen anymore, which would explain the purple colour.

Sorry it finished like that   :-*