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Author Topic: Pond Dredging/Clearing.  (Read 1895 times)


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Pond Dredging/Clearing.
« on: March 31, 2017, 08:53:12 pm »
Hi all,

We are lucky enough to have a large spring fed pond that was built in 85.  We purchased the house 2 years ago. 

The pond is about 2m deep but 1/2 of that is black smelly sludge, although the water is crystal clear.  The pond is also over run by some sort of oxygen type weed and duck weed.

I can hire a 21t digger with driver for few days with the view to pull out as much as possible and spread it around. 

My concern is wether what I pull out can be put to grass resasonably quickly. 

Can anybody offer any advice on dredging and weed control?




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Re: Pond Dredging/Clearing.
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2017, 11:12:08 am »
oh I had this on my little pond. HxWxD 1m x1m x 0.5m.

I used a net and got as much duckweed out and just left it on the lawn/beds. You could even feed it to your animals if you have them.

then I pumped the water out and used it to water all the plants and beds.

Then comes the fun stuff. Scooping the awful smelling gunk out. Best not to wonder what created this gunk but I found a dead frog at the bottom of mine. It is all compostable.

Then I just refilled it. Constantly moving and aerated water will keep any duckweed down. Also a large surface coving plant like water lilies will help keep your pond looking and smelling great


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