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Title: KSM ATV Contracting discount rates
Post by: Ksm177 on February 13, 2019, 02:02:48 am
Hi there,

This year we will be doing contracting in geographical areas throughout the north east of Scotland.

What this means is that we will plan to do a geographical area of roughly 10 miles. We will be offering certain services on those days such as, harrowing and rolling, slitting, spraying and flail mowing for topping and cutting light gorse and reeds.

Doing it this way means we can now offer discounted rates and prices per acre. This gives the people who only have one or two acres an affordable way of maintaining paddocks. The minimum acreage would have to be 10 acres in that geographical area.

We are currently working through and mapping out areas for spring.

If anyone is interested in having any paddocks or land maintained if you could send us a message either through this or by email and we will sort out your area and pencil you in.