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Title: Meet Barbara Sykes
Post by: Old Shep on August 06, 2012, 12:12:39 pm
Hi - I hope this is ok to post this here Dan? It is in aid of 2 dog rescues  :dog:
Many of you will have read Barbara Sykes' book Understanding Border Collies, and this has been mentioned on several threads about border collie problems.  Barbara runs the Freedom of Spirit Trust border collie rescue and has worked with problem and rescue dogs for many years.  She is giving a seminar (the first for a few years) so you can actually see her in action with problem dogs and ask questions etc. Its near Bradford on 27th October.  Proceeds going to the rescue and also Yorkshire Rose rescue. more details here (
If thats too far for you she would be willing to travel and do the seminar across the country if a local dog club or rescue will help set it up.  :thumbsup: