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Title: EU Truth
Post by: rustyme on May 16, 2008, 05:06:18 pm

I know this isn't a political site , but I think that this is a very important matter for everyone in the UK . The link above takes you to a site that explains in a no holds barred way the truth behind the EU. It makes for some very scarey reading. So many things fall into place the more you read. If you think at first that it is just another wacko loony kicking off, just check out some of the claims !!! I haven't found one that has faltered yet .  The copy of the Treaty makes for some of the most scarey reading I have ever done. I know lots of people just do not want to know what is happening to our country ( why I don't know ? ) but if just one or two people read the site without any preformed ideas , then I think that gradually we, the people of this country, may realize what the powers that be are doing WITHOUT asking us. As we all know we are always being lied to by the government , now we know why ..... I hope that at least some read the information . If you do, remember it will  be ilegal to critisize the EU ( under EU law) . I give out copies of the Ten truths we must tell the public and Reform Treaty summary, from the left hand column. I really think we should all do something , it will make a difference. If you don't think likewise then no problem , unlike the EU , I won't lock you up .