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« on: January 31, 2019, 04:30:08 pm »
Could I ask opinions on feeding readi-grass / a.n other brand of dried grass feed that comes in bags. Not the haylage type, the dry type.
I will be bringing in 7 pregnant ladies in about 3 weeks time, 2 weeks before their due date, so they can get used to the new regime. I had the 3 Mums in 2 years ago and fed them hay and concentrate, but they were really picky with hay. Swapped to haylage and they were better,  but didn't ""tuck in"". Fed soaked grass pellets which they ate fine.

Would you feed readi-grass dry ( I do to the horses, in replacement for hay, out in the field ) or carry on soaked grass pellets, or both ?   limited hay this year, and what I have isn't the fab stuff I have had in the past - isn't ""off"" but doesn't fill me with confidence. I will have the 3 Mums from last times, and now their daughters as well, and want to do the best. Currently out in field with plenty of grass, a lick bucket, and additional concentrate mixd with soaked grass pellets. Not fat, but a good weight. the 3 Mums are all with twins, the 4 daughters are 3 singles and one with twins. My first time with first time Mums and I want to get it right !


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Re: Feed
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 05:48:20 pm »
Mine get dampened grass pellets.  I susoect less waste with the pellets than with the dried grass, just think sneeze and blowing out the trough.


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