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Title: Tried everything for bloat please help!
Post by: Emrys on March 21, 2017, 06:37:01 pm
Any advice or treatments would be much appreciated!!

I have a 6 day old ewe lamb with bloat, slight constipation and mild pneumonia.
She is on Mole Valley Lamlac Ewe Milk Replacer.

Here is a list of remedies I have tried (obviously not all in one go but over the course of several days):
-A quarter of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with water (Wandering if this was not enough quantity?),
-Teaspoon of cod liver oil.
-A tablespoon to start with and then one teaspoon of bio yogurt per every 250mls of milk for a few days since.
-Empty tubed her...wasn't sure if this helped or not
Yesterday the vet gave her 15mls of liquid paraffin which helped the constipation but the bloat remains and worsens every time she drinks milk we have since given her 5mls. The vet also prescribed Excenel injections for the pneumonia and we had previously given her a 3 day 0.25ml course of pen and strep. 
She is eating and running around but struggles to breath because of the pneumonia and when bloated and goes down hill quickly.

I am desperate for this lamb to live so greatly appreciate and welcome as much advice as possible!!!
 :sheep: Many thanks!!! :sheep: