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Title: Shetland 2nd timer no milk
Post by: Brucklay on April 23, 2014, 10:23:26 pm
Just when things were fine now I have an emergency. 2nd ewe to lamb today - all seemed fine, great mum last year, lambed in the field and I brought them down like last year to the shed. Went out to check an the ewe is scrapping a lot, clearly distressed and I can't get anything out of the ewe. She has a big bag and very large teats and both lambs have tried to suckle but I don't think they are getting anything.

So I milked of a little from the other ewe who lambed today and gave an ounce each to the lambs which they took from the bottle quickly so my guess was no milk. Next emergency measure I milked one of my pygmy's who's kids left on Sunday and fed the lambs another couple of ounces each.

The ewe is distressed they are not feeding from her is there anything I can do for her? Lambs seem content but on that meagre ration when should I fed again - used to planned orphans on lamlac but of course not got any in - I am so stupid.

Any suggestions greatfully received.
Title: Re: Shetland 2nd timer no milk
Post by: bigchicken on April 23, 2014, 11:44:04 pm
Have they had any colostrum that's essential, can you foster them on, you could ask your neighbour for help and get lamvac in the morning. The ewe is her bag hard have you tried to draw anything from her sometimes there is a wee plug that needs a bit to shift. Has she finished lambing, has she passed the after birth. I had twins born yesterday who's mum has mastitis and very little milk so I am having to feed them taken to the bottle very quickly. That's lambing.
Title: Re: Shetland 2nd timer no milk
Post by: Brucklay on April 24, 2014, 12:13:59 am
Thank BC
Took colostrum off other ewe and another is lambing now so hopefully they will get some more
I can get shop colostrum and lamblac at 8am - but till then it's improvisation
Farmer friends wife is very ill so don't want to call this late to wake them up
Really tried to milk but nothing - she does seem rather firm in the upper of her udder - afterbirth yes passed - so I think it's little rations till 8am and as vet over to check her out in the morning if no change - poor girl she is very attentive of lambs
Must go and check the other one
Title: Re: Shetland 2nd timer no milk
Post by: Treud na Mara on April 24, 2014, 12:35:13 am
Easy to say but hard to do: don't panic. We had an experienced Blackface with two big lambs but only seemed to have milk in one quarter. We took one away and tubed for 24 hours with the intention of keeping tubing and possibly moving onto bottle top up but putting the lamb back with her mother. Worked well and she has managed to feed both, now a month old and the leaders of our lamb gang.
Title: Re: Shetland 2nd timer no milk
Post by: Brucklay on April 24, 2014, 01:16:28 am
Thank you Treud na Mara - so used to seeing them off to a good start, milk, mum fed and watered etc that if not all is correct I go a bit balisic. Last ewe for today lambed and is tucked up and doing fine so just hope these poor souls make it to morning - fingers crossed and lesson learnt