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Author Topic: septic tank run off - rich green 'strip' in middle of field - ? harmful to sheep  (Read 2035 times)


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Hi all,

Neighbour has very kindly agreed to let me put a few sheep in her unused paddock (not had sheep in it for many years).  For the past few years there has been a richer green strip down the middle of the field (about eight feet wide) which we think is due to the run off from the septic tank (which is just outwith/above this field).   Presumably the run off should be into a drain well below the surface but it's not.

 :thinking:  If the sheep graze on this bit are there likely to be any health risks ??

Only have a small flock and I'm planning on putting favourite retired ewe and three precious home bred ewe hoggs on it or expensive tup hogg and his companion on it - don't want any disasters!

Can anyone help?    Thanks.


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Nope none at all - I have a similar one running down my hill from the horse muck heap leaching out. The rich bit is from all the nitrates leaching out. Just watch out for Staggers in spring if they eat too much as it could be all lush watery growth but othewise its probabbyl the best grass in the field.

Is the tank leaking?


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The run off itself could cause salmonella (unless it's very well diluted) . This is according to my vet when I had a case of sheep scour

Marches Farmer

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The run off should go into a French drain, at the very least. 


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Thanks for the replies folks. 

Had a look on the internet re run off ..... basically looks like there shouldn't actually be water up near the surface 'enriching' the grass - seems this means something is wrong with either the tank or what it drains out in to i.e. blocked drain??

Oh dear - we are one of 4 neighbours whose houses use this septic tank which then drains in to the said neighbour's field. 

Think to be on the safe side I might be better electric fencing off the greener bit ?  (some of it is a little bit boggy anyway)


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See if you can run to a bit of stock netting and fence off the worst part properly - no accidents that way ;D


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