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Title: Is this bloat?
Post by: mmuagain on March 21, 2017, 09:48:28 am
We have a 5 week old lamb who has never been quite right, but is happy enough.  At a couple of days old he developed a cold mouth and wouldn't feed so we took him in at night two nights running and he was fine and perky in the morning and went back with mum who fed him.  After about a week - 10 days it became obvious he wasn't growing and he developed a swollen tummy, which he's had ever since.  He doesn't seem to be in pain or even discomfort as he nibbles hay and hard feed and we give him small amounts of milk at regular intervals.  To complicate matters his mum died 2 days ago from possibly mastitis or twin lamb or a combination of both.  Her temperature was normal a couple of hours before she died and although her udder was hard it hadn't changed colour. We had checked her for mastitis when the lamb stopped growing as that was the side he fed from, but her milk and udder were fine at that point.  I feel now we should have checked again, but she never objected to him feeding.  Two weeks before he was born the pregnant ewes were spooked by something while feeding at the trough, and all took off, knocking this one's  mum over on her back in the process.  I expected the worse but she lambed fine without assistance and her other lamb is, so far a very strong, healthy ewe lamb, who is growing well.  Sorry this is so complicated, but we are struggling to know how to treat this, and now he's lost mum he has no access to milk just when he needs it.  His mouth was a bit cold again last night and he refused his last milk feed, but was yelling for food this  morning.  Has anyone had anything like this before?  thanks in advance!