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Title: Half price wool processing!!!!
Post by: woollyval on May 24, 2009, 02:57:23 pm
Due to savings made by the installation of our solar panels we are now able to offer half price wool processing!!!!

For washing and drying......10 per kg

Washing, drying and carding 15 per kg

Washing drying carding and felting 20 per kg

This is all based on weight of wool returned to you.....the average large fleece weighs 2-3kg and you will get a loss of about a third or so in weight after if it weighs 3kg when you send it in we only charge you for a bit less than 2kg depending on the weight!......and price includes return delivery up to 20kg......and only a little bit more if over 20kg

We can also dye your wool by arrangement or blend it with other wools or alpaca.....POA

Once processed your wool can be spun if not felted.....and is worth about 60 per kg

Let me know if you would like to book in.....we are filling up fast!