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Title: In a Jam..
Post by: cloddopper on September 30, 2018, 01:45:57 am
We cleared the greenhouse a few weeks ago & had loads of green toms. So we set them out on the kitchen window cills to ripen . When ripe we decided to try & make tomato jelly , it's similar to a mint jelly but obviously using a tomato recipe.

 Everything was going well,  but we couldn't get it to the right stickness point till suddenly it changed to a much darker colour .
 That seemed to work  it dribbled across the wooden spoon onto a cold plate and  set with a skin forming if I dragged a dry finger across the run.
 So I duly filled  & sealed 8 small 160 ml Weck preserving jars with it leaving a half filled jar for immediate use .

 Come the next morning I could barely push a teaspoon into the " Jelly " .

 Much desparate  recipe book reading I realised we over boiled it , so had the idea of melting ths jelly out the jars using a pan of almost boiling water as the heat source & putting it in a big pan , adding 50 ml of water , heat it do a test , put a sample in the fridgethis time  and see how it looks when it has fully cooled.

 Good news is that it set like a firm marmalade  , took it out the fridge, stood I on the worktop  & as it warmed to room temperature it turned to a runny syrup.

 Do any of you know if I were to add say 1/4 bottle of pectin to the pan of liquid tomato jelly , stir it in & bring to the boil for a few minutes if that might jellify the jam or is it a lost cause ?
Title: Re: In a Jam..
Post by: Fleecewife on September 30, 2018, 10:18:55 am
I think I would use it as a 'slicing condiment' and make out you intended it to be like that!  Stop trying rescue operations while you're ahead  ;D

Having made a total hash of strawberry jam this year by using too much sugar, I sympathise totally with your tomato jelly.  I turned my strawberry disaster into a flavoursome syrup to pour over icecream  :yum:

You can use green tomatoes for frying, just like red ones, and they will freeze sliced.
Title: Re: In a Jam..
Post by: cloddopper on September 30, 2018, 12:42:44 pm
Well , my lass took over added more of the pectin out thebottle to show we hve used almost 1/2 a bottle ,chUcked and egg cup of water in it as well & re-melted it this morning.
I had to take over as Alison had to go out , stirred & rapidly boiled it up for 20 sec to ensure everything is fully infused and turned off the heat.   I then put a dessert spoon of the jelly into a small ramekin dish & put it in the fridge .  On checking it a few min ago it's more like a soft marmalade, so it looks like it's worked . Next stage is to let it comeback to room temp & see what it is like runny water or a soft jam .
Title: Re: In a Jam.. Any update?
Post by: doganjo on October 03, 2018, 09:02:09 pm
Please tell us  :roflanim:
Title: Re: In a Jam..
Post by: cloddopper on October 05, 2018, 10:12:19 am
Back on to the gas ring for another four minutes boil up .my friends .

It is almost there after three more re-heats .. It goes solid in the fridge but it stays or returns to being runny out of it .
Title: Re: In a Jam..
Post by: cloddopper on October 07, 2018, 12:30:50 pm
Yipeeee! Jammy  ***ger that I am . the jelly jam has turned out well . I eventually boiled off 135 grams of moisture after four short rapid boils  without burning or caramelizing the sugar .

I've now got seven 160 ml Weck preserving jars of it sealed up & cooling, ready for putting in the store cupboard once it's cold.

 It's looking good for white meats & fowl though if it is going down realy well I'll give it  test run on an inch thinck pinkish lamb steak & perhaps even any cold meat .

 Best thing is this jely jam can be made any time of the year  if there friut & veg wholsaler has trays of tomatoes in stock .

 I'm about to go out to harvest the remaining toms & black grapes from our garden as there was a very light air frost last night.