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Author Topic: Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please  (Read 6732 times)


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Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please
« on: December 23, 2009, 12:28:04 pm »
I went to Melton cattle market to buy a fresh turkey and goose for Christmas but they were too expensive this year. Everyone was moaning as the auction was going up to 50 for a medium sized turkey!! I didnt stay for the geese so it looks like its a supermarket for mine.

Anyway, I bought 2 brace of pheasant, 2 brace of partridge and 2 brace of wild duck, they are now plucked etc and residing in the freezer.
Please could you give me your favourite recipes for the above oh and btw Im allergic to orange.




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Re: Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2009, 03:43:15 pm »
We have made several casseroles with just these. Just split the birds into 4 or 6 parts (if they are the small wild variety of duck  ;D), roll them in flour and fry. Then layer all in a lidded casserole dish with your favourite veg, we use carrots, mushrooms, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, but it's all up to what you like. Add stock and wine according to taste and season. Cook until the meat is tender on around 180C. Of course you can do all that apart form the frying in a slow cooker. Yum!  :&>


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Re: Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2009, 09:02:08 am »
Yes they are the small wild ducks.

Thanks for the recipe it sounds good :)


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Re: Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2009, 11:20:57 am »
 :)Not quite what you asked for but you may like to try some of these.We are very fond of them.Great on toast to snack?on.All are what one would call Pate.
CHICKEN 8oz lean pork - 8oz pork back fat - 8oz veal - 8oz cooked ham - 8oz chicken breast - 2lb of chicken meat - S&P to taste - 1 TB/spn mixed herbs - a good glug of brandy - 2 large eggs beaten - Some thin slices of very fat green streaky bacon (NOT SMOKED) METHOD line the tin with the streaky then mince all but the breast meat together add the S&P herbs brandy and the eggs and mix well together.Spread half the mixture in the tin then slice the breast meat and make a layer of meat in the pan on top of the mixed meat now cover this with the other half of the mixture.Fork about so there is no air bubble holes smooth out and then fold over the excess bacon and add a slice or two to completely cover the top.Cover the top with foil and place in a bain marie with water half way up the tin side.Place in a preheated oven Gas 2 - 150C - 300F and bake for 2 to 3 hrs Remove from  the oven and place a brick on the hot pate to keep it pressed and allow to cool.Turn out and allow to mature 3 or 4 days in the fridge before using.(Make it Wednesday for use on Sunday)

DUCK Use 2lb of cooked duck meat and a duck liver Use the grated rind of an orange and Grand Marnier Carry out the same method as for Chicken Then preheat the oven and bake 11/4 to 11/2hours on Gas4 or 350F - 180C Chill before serving

Game pate is a personal thing you may like it strong and stiff or you may like it soft and a jelly around it so try these
No 1 8oz cooked game - 8oz veal - 8oz pork back fat - 2beaten eggs - 4 TB/spns brandy - S&P to taste - 2TB/spns Crushed juniper berries - a nice pinch chopped parsley another of thyme - a pinch of ground mace
As finely as you want chop up the fat and the game meat.Mince the veal and then combine with the chopped meat and fat add the seasonings eggs and brandy mix really well Turn out into your greased pate tin and cover with foil.Bake in the bain-marie on Gas 2 (300F)for a hour and half test if cooked don't over cook but it may need another 10 minutes.Turn out and chill before serving
No2 12oz cooked mixed game meat - 8oz veal - 8oz belly pork -  2oz Salty bacon fat (cut from some salty rashers)4 f/oz white wine - S&P to taste - 1 clove of garlic through the press and a dessertspoon of crushed juniper berries
finely chop the game meat and fat mince the veal and pork and combine add the wine and seasonings Really mix well and then turn out into a pate tin cover the top with fat streaky bacon and cover with foil.Place in the bain-marie and bake at Gas4 or350F for 11/4 hrs then test DO NOT over cook Allow to set in the pate tin as this pate will have a jelly all around it.Best served chilled.

Rabbit is coming back into fashion so here is my recipe for a Rabbit pate
A good 2lb of rabbit meat - 2lb pork belly - 1/2lb veal - 1lb onions Well chopped - 1clove of garlic - S&P to taste - 1 TB/spn thyme - 2 beaten eggs - 2 tbl/spn plain flour - 1/2 pint white wine - 2 tbl/spn brandy - slices of streaky
Mince the rabbit pork and veal add the chopped onions add the rest of the ingredients less the streaky mix well and allow to stand over night to let the flavours to mingle.Drape the streaky on the bottom and up the sides of the pate tin and fill with the mixture fold over the bits of streaky and cover the middle with a rasher if required and cover with foil.Place in the bain-marie and bake Gas3 or 300F for 3 hours check the bain-marie water and top up with boiling water when required.Allow to cool then turn out and chill to serve.
I hope you will try these pates they are a good way to use up leftovers as well George

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Re: Duck, pheasant and partridge recipes please
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2009, 06:35:18 am »
ooh Wizard they do sound yummy. I will certainly store those recipes for future use.

Thank you.  ;D


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