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Author Topic: selling hatching eggs from 53 breeds bantam and large fowl  (Read 2173 times)


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selling hatching eggs from 53 breeds bantam and large fowl
« on: January 27, 2011, 04:26:55 pm »
you could fill you're incubater 1 each egg 20 eggs 3 extra 40 10 extra orders taken for some off the rarest breeds  Here is list . American buckeye - arcana lavender -
cochin silver cuckoo - croad langshan bantam- dorking silver red white-
duck aylesbury cayuga chilean teal red crested pochard mandarin - geese
hawaian red breasted -hamburg gold laced. -indian game blue
laced. -ixworth. -jersey giant blue. -orpington buff choc lavender black
gold laced. -pekin lemon cuckoo lavender partridge red buff black lavender
cuckoo. -plymouth rock barred. -polish millefleur. - rhode island red. light sussex bantam
quail Japanese Chinese Californian. - silkie white black red red bearded
gold blue.-sablepoot gold lemon. - vorwerk. - wyandotte blue silver gold laced. -
pheasant gold yellow lady amhurst.  the orpingtons are rob boyde and prasila Middleton gold lace bantams German blood line silkies Darby top breeder .some off these breeds are out standing we also have chocolates from 2010 National  winners     e mail     phone  01339881604     


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