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Author Topic: Scot Dumpy Chicks  (Read 454 times)

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Scot Dumpy Chicks
« on: May 24, 2020, 10:54:43 pm »
 Hello, as my name suggests Iím a newbie who has successfully hatched six beautiful chicks of three different breeds. Iím trying to work out which sexes they are and am getting very confused with what I find online   They are just 11 dayís old and so for one of the breeds itís way too early to tell, the pekins i think we have at least one girl and possibly both are girls. However I have read so many conflicting reports on sexing our Scot Dumpys. Some things I read suggest that they can be sexed when hatched as the girls are dark and the boys are light. Is anybody able to tell me if these are girls or boys or if itís too early to tell. Thanks for any comments and advice. Iíve attached some images. The Scot Dumpy chicks are the two black and yellow ones.

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Re: Scot Dumpy Chicks
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2021, 11:28:27 pm »
Iíve bred large dumpies for 46 years I just wait till their about 3/4 weeks then you can tell.
Donít be in a rush dumpies take a while to develop especially the all important cock birds.
I keep 4 sextets of large cuckoos and they lay well.
I always keep 1 leggy hen per pen with the rest short. Do not use leggy cocks as the percentage of leggy birds goes up dramatically.


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