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Author Topic: Bit of a catch up and questions about duck incubation-Need a quick response  (Read 2028 times)


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Hi guys,havent been on in a while been busy with college and work an stuff.As some of you may know we had a light sussex hen and cockeral and a maran.However the cockeral became very amorous and the injuries sustained to the light sussex hen meant she had to be put down,mainly cause of his spurs.He went to a farm who's cockeral had died.So now we have the maran,A pair of call ducks and we purchased 3 hybrid hens which I don't like that much I prefer my pure breeds.We bought an incubator and it has been set up,we have 12 silver appleyard eggs being delievered tommorow.I have read on the internet that the temp should be 37.5 C,But wherever I look on the internet I'm getting different humidity percentages.Any idea on humidity percentages? On the internet i have found readings of 60,80 40%


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Don't know about percentages but we fill both water trays on our Brinsea octagon for duck eggs and it seems to work fine.  Had 80% of the eggs set hatch last time we did ducks.

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from what i can work out i dont have any trays,i have a piece of piping which i have to put into a bottle of water and i have a pump unit inbetween to regulate the amount of humiditiy at the moment its at 30% but i will try working it out from doing a bit more digging around.I really appreciate your help and if all else fails i will most likely just put a dish of water in there for the heat to evaporate to create humidity like i do in my snake tanks.Many thanks,us smallholders gotta stick together lol  :&> :chook:


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