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Author Topic: Pre-Farrowing requirements  (Read 1503 times)


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Pre-Farrowing requirements
« on: January 09, 2014, 01:13:14 pm »
I called my vet today as our sow should farrow 26/1 ish. I am sure I read to inject for Eri and worms around 2 weeks before but they said NO. They said unnecessary as too stressful and as she had both just before going to boar she will be covered.

Do you all agree? It worries me doing nothing, plus the vet had to go and look it up!!! Worrying as she had to go and look it up  :thinking:

Assuming she is right, when do piglets get vaccinated first? Can anyone recommend a good book that covers everything as I still prefer to look up a book rather than keep googling.


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Re: Pre-Farrowing requirements
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 01:25:15 pm »
Our book will cover everything you need :

As for worming, yes you can worm a couple of weeks before farrowing, but if you are regularly worming or don't have a worm problem, then there is little point.  We don't worm before farrowing.

You should worm the weaners at weaning.

As for Ery, this should NOT be given during the last two weeks of pregnancy, and is the bit I suspect the vet needed to look up. And not required as you regularly vaccinate in any case.

If you are vaccinating against Ery, then you should follow manufacturer's datasheet.  If it is say Porcillus Ery then it is given from around 6 weeks of age, followed by a second 4 weeks later, then 6 monthly for stock being retained.

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