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Author Topic: Moving Pigs  (Read 8251 times)

Farmer Giles

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Moving Pigs
« on: December 12, 2007, 05:45:07 pm »
Hi all

Well we pulled, and we pushed, we tried bribery with food, we threatened, we coaxed, we sobbed, we laughed, we fell over, we got covered in mud, we gave up!!!!!

Any easy ways anyone knows of to move some stubborn pigs to their winter quarters. You would think that they would have jumped at the chance to move into a warm new pig arc with fresh straw and out of the muddy bog that they are in but oh no not a bloomin hope.

All suggestions eagerly awaited and will be tried.

Thanks much


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Re: Moving Pigs
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2007, 08:55:21 pm »
Ours are good as gold with a bucket of food - they will follow one anywhere. It is something we train them with right at the start and it save a lot of hassle.

Try a 'paper trail' with food stuffs. Leave their gate open and walk ahead of them - it may work!

Also a barrow full of some goodies - walk into their area to get their interest and about turn. If they are anything like ours would be you will need your running shoes because they should follow you at speed! Ours also go mad for a barrow full of fresh straw - they always pounce on me as I make my way to their shed to refresh their bedding. Use what ever their favorites are.

Good luck!

Don't you just love odour de cochon!! All that luverly mud!

Bonjour et avoir un bon jour !


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Re: Moving Pigs
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2007, 08:04:08 am »
Andy you have just been Christened into the pig club!  Now as a full member you too can enjoy the benefits of high blood pressure, leaking wellies and wonderful skin from all the mud baths.  If you survive to become a senior member (need at least 100 hours of pushing pigs where they dont want to go) you get the medal (or a hot bath and a bottle of liquid soap).

As Kate says they will normally follow food.  If you have electric fencing was it the imaginary line where the fence was that they would not cross.  If so put straw across that area, follow Kate's advice on the food trail.  Maybe dont feed them the night before moving, dont put food into the field at all.  If it is the fence that bothers them, once they get the idea of moving outside to eat they should move.

If they are quite small you could always wheelbarrow them that is grasp back legs firmly, walk backwards, pig follows on front legs.  Very noisy, cold , guaranteed to cover you in mud.

I have found leaving the gate open, the food outside, sitting with a flask of hot tea and a book helps.  GOOD LUCK


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Re: Moving Pigs
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2007, 08:16:38 am »
A good point re the imginary line of the electric fence - that has happened to us and it is a difficult one. What Hilarysmum suggest - lay straw down seems to be the only way or open up the fence at a different point perhaps.

I notice the ground frost this morning so if you plan on camping out today, I would stick the hip flask in your pocket or maybe a Calva in your flask!!

Bonjour et avoir un bon jour !


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Re: Moving Pigs
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2007, 08:26:55 pm »
I agree about the fence - my horse won't cross where the fence has been untuil he's sure it's gone.

I'd agree with everything above - ours follow a bucket (even into the abattoir). We rattle the bucket as a precursor to feeding every time so they get used to following the sound.

A friend of ours ahs just been on holiday for a week and another friend has been sitting their smallholding. Last time, the cockerel attacked her; this time her wellies got stuck in the mud, she fell over and the two sows ran over her, trampling her into the mud. But she swears she ahd a great time. Are we mad?


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