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Author Topic: confused over pig feed  (Read 6438 times)


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confused over pig feed
« on: June 11, 2011, 12:54:20 pm »
Hello everyone. I am a bit confused over different types of pig feed and was hoping to get some advice  ;D We have always fed our pigs Supabreed nuts from Wynnstay and these have served the weaners well right through to slaughter however today I paid 9.69 for a 25kg bag and thought I would shop around for anything which might be slightly cheaper. Now I have found dry sow nuts, sow nuts, sow and weaner nuts, rolls and am not sure which would be best to feed  ??? The pigs are large blacks and hold weight well (Ithink they used to be called the recession pig because of their ability to convert food to energy very efficiently) we have one sow who is not pregnant and has just finished off lactating and two weaners who are 3 months old, these will go to slaughter at approx 6 months of age. They all have fresh fruit and veg added to their diet. What do you guys think, what should I replace the suprabreed Wynnstay nuts with?

Would be really grateful for your input  :wave:

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Re: confused over pig feed
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2011, 02:49:47 pm »
The main differences between feeds are the size of the pellets/pencils/rolls and the protein content. Higher protein = faster growth in fatteners = higher price. The commercial pig farmers want rapid finishing so use high protein. We're raising slower-growing, outside reared old breeds (OSBs and mangalitzas) and want flavour rather than amazing growth rates. We feed all our pigs "sow & weaner" feed, usually rolls as their larger size means the hens steal fewer, and they don't get lost in the mud. We use pencils for the piglets as they can cope with the smaller size easily.
The pigs also get apple pulp (pomace) from a local apple juice maker - the adult dry pigs get about 1/3 of their feed as this but the youngsters less. If we have a pig who needs a bit more protein (e.g. lactating sow) we give them goats milk.
As far as the different brands go it's a matter of choice. We've had problems with Farmgate feeds, but plenty of people get on fine with them. Shop around, ask feed suppliers for their best price. If there are other pig-keepers near you you may be able to negotiate a better deal by buying larger quantities.
Good luck!


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Re: confused over pig feed
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2011, 04:26:07 pm »
Nuts are usually the smaller size feed, while rolls generally refers to the bigger stuff.
If you're feeding weaners/fatteners I would go for sow & weaner or some kind of finisher (generally around 16 - 18% protien)
If it's in-pig and lactating sows - sow and weaner or you can buy a 'milky sow' feed from some places, this will have higher protien levels again.
If you have sows that aren't breeding (or for the middle part of their gestation according to the Harbro feed expert) you can feed them dry sow food with a lower level of protien - but you do need to switch to higher protien stuff for 4 weeks around conception and from 4 weeks pre-farrowing until the litter is weaned.
Phew ! I used to think there was only one kind too  ;)
Karen  :wave:


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