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Title: Marketplace rules - please read before posting
Post by: Dan on March 15, 2008, 08:51:48 pm
This board is primarily for TAS forum members to buy, sell and exchange personal stuff. It is a trial board and may be withdrawn if it becomes a pain in the arse to maintain.

It can be used for small-scale commercial selling of livestock. Please include your location in the subject line if what you are advertising has to be collected rather than delivered.

All other commercial activity is prohibited. If you'd like to advertise on TAS please contact Dan or Rosemary for more information including traffic details and pricing.

We accept no responsibility for any loss experienced as a result of responding to adverts posted here - buyers and sellers assume all responsibility for making sure descriptions of stuff are accurate.

Please do not reply to marketplace posts unless you are asking a question about the services or goods advertised. Any general comments should be posted in the relevant forum board, with a link / reference back to the marketplace post.

Have fun!  :D