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Author Topic: Could anyone give me any ideas on where to look for a small bit of land?  (Read 3003 times)


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I've been Googling and trawling the internet now for a long time looking for sites offering small pieces of land with no success  :(

At the moment I live within a village in East Ayrshire and have a garden roughly 60 feet square.

Within that I have various sheds/pens with small numbers of chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, partridge, rabbits trout in a large tank and two beehives!  ::)

It all works well together but I have been keeping a few pigs jointly with a friend recently (on their land) which worked well but i wasn't able to put in as much time with them as i'd like to have done.

So I'm looking for somewhere a bit more isolated where I can do everything I want to do, I can't keep anything noisy where I am just now so no cockerels, old turkey stags, Guinea fowl etc… (I have Muscovy ducks which are silent)

So anyway, are there any 'Secret Places' I could be looking or are small cottages with a little land where I could do that just very rarely available?

Even half an acre would probably do me.

I'm probably not going to be able to buy, i'm probably looking at renting only.

Any ideas? or do I just keep buying my lottery ticket each week  ;D


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Good luck with your search, I'm looking too in Angus, I too want to be isolated.
pygmy goats, gsd, border collie, scots dumpys, cochins, araucanas, shetland ducks and geese,  marrans, and pea fowl in a pear tree.


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I don't need to be isolated as such, just have a bit more space  ;D

I have 5 Rhea eggs in the incubator at the moment, if they hatch I may have fun with them in my garden!!  ::)


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Fabulous :innocent:
pygmy goats, gsd, border collie, scots dumpys, cochins, araucanas, shetland ducks and geese,  marrans, and pea fowl in a pear tree.


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My suggestion would be to get looking around your local area for bits of land which are seemingly unused. Find out who owns them, then approach them asking if you can rent, offering to sort out a legal agreement and offering to cover their initial solicitors costs to check the agreement etc to save them the hassle.  Faced with realising a return from land that was perhaps just a pain to them previously in terms of maintenance you might just strike lucky. The worst that can happen is they tell you to sling your hook.
Often houses in villages have half an acre or so with them but current owners have no use for it.  I used to hay time 4 fields to 4 different owners in my old village , just small acre or so plots that the owners just wanted keeping tidy, my payment was the hay.

Mel Rice

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....Come and share with us......see other post


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friend of mine needed more land for her horses there was land across the road from her the council was trying to sell. since there were no takers due to the asking price she approached the council and now rents the land. you could try with east ayrshire council web site under land for lease or sale.


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Thanks for the replies, I shall go and investigate!  :thumbsup:


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