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Author Topic: scary but i want this  (Read 906 times)


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scary but i want this
« on: March 09, 2023, 11:52:51 am »
hi everyone my names drew from northumberland. i have been looking at a change of lifestyle. im ex military with a gamekeeping and equestrian backround . i have a chance at letting a smallholding of 10 acres and i have a million ideas on what id like to to the point i cant think straight  :D. id like some of your views opinions and id like to be told straight about the cons too. my partner angela shows newfoundland dogs and we are interested in breeding and showing sheep. but we are also interested in growing our own produce and making our own produce to sell as i say we have a million ideas but want to have focus on what could be right for us

all input welcome and ideas will be taken on board and written down as id like to set out a good plan for ourselves a make a good go at this


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Re: scary but i want this
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2023, 01:32:30 pm »
First of all, I'd like to welcome you to this site Drew, and go for it! :thumbsup:

You asked about the cons. Well it's highly unlikely you'll make a fortune on 10 acres (or even with 100 acres come to that) but it's a lifestyle choice and will take up most of your time. But so what?  You're only here once so may as well spend your time doing something you enjoy.
  Good luck.

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Re: scary but i want this
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2023, 01:43:15 pm »
You will certainly be able to produce enough for yourselves and perhaps have excess to sell. Investment in equipment is essential, because short-cutting that will cost a lot of your time.

We had half an acre in England, grew a good proportion of our veg and ate our own lamb and chicken. However when I costed it all out we were earning the staggering sum of 20p an hour! That was 20 years ago though.


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Re: scary but i want this
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2023, 02:08:49 pm »
i dont think im looking at profit tio be honest but to have something i can look at and go i done this and its working well and to push myself a little and to have afocus . we are interested in breeding different breeds of chickens and maybe get 4 0r 5 sheep to show and breed and maybe some goats .  but i also wants to rear some pheasants so i can sell eggs (these are just ideas) and btw if you have never ate pheasant egg you are missing out


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Re: scary but i want this
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2023, 03:08:53 pm »
Breeding chickens - as always depends why you want to do it and what will make you feel it's a result. With AI pretty much a constant, I fear small scale poultry keeping may be in decline. Certainly, I can't see poultry shows getting back unless there's some sort of vaccine. We've gone from 100 laying hens to four, just for us. I'm sure we're not alone.
We've been doing this 23 years now and I still get a kick out of eating stuff we've produced here and am enjoying growing much more now.
We used to breed Coloured Ryeland sheep. Worst thing I did was buy some Shetlands and BFL. Having a mixed flock completely destroyed my pedigreebreeding mojo - although we didn't show, I tried to breed the best CR I could. Breeding and showing may well appeal, but based on my experience, keep it simple. And there are lots of British breeds that are rare and could use your support, if you don't fancy the imported pyramid scheme sheep.
Top tips from me - "you can do anything but you can't do everything" and "noenterprise requiresa lifetime committment - if you try it and don't like it, change direction".
Best of luck - you're lucky to be in Northumberland anyway. ;D

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Re: scary but i want this
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2023, 08:32:01 pm »
Deer/6’ fence the perimeter, plus another internal fence 20-50m inside and plant trees for future crops -fruit nut, willow, firewood, etc., look out for any grants to help with the fence cost and tree planting. Then lease the “secure dog park” for £10/hour. Set up an online booking form and a coded padlock on the access gate beside the designated car parking spaces. Tap for water, perhaps some agility equipment in a separate paddock. There’s a place near here my friend tells me is booked till mid April. This feels as close to money for nothing as poss. Could generate £50-100 day. Uses up maybe 1/3 of your land but generates income to allow you to do other stuff. Your fields will be secure and eventually sheltered by tree belt which will benefit livestock and any growing enterprise you want to do. Also creates people traffic to sell surplus produce to; eggs, salad, herbs, veg, art, crafts, etc. A group I work with sold Christmas willow and holly wreaths for £20+ each and bird boxes are always popular, as can be kindling bags, carved things, etc.

Cons, people are hassle. Might not be the peaceful isolation you are looking for. Insurance. Dog poo. Stress for livestock.

I like hens and breed every year but there’s little money in it. They go for £20-£25 which is same as 10+ years ago. That said I wouldn’t be without them. There’s a chance we are witnessing a bottleneck in rare breed genetics due to avian flu restrictions and grain inflation. Therefore I feel if you can keep a rare breed going it may prove very useful to future keepers.
I had a few goats and they were great but a pain in the proverbial. More hassle than sheep or horses which surprised me and def isn’t everyone’s experience.
This is a huge, lecture post, first time I’ve had to let my mind wander all day!


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