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Title: Goat advice needed please
Post by: MRS GOAT LADY on July 30, 2021, 02:59:00 pm


I am new here and am looking for some help and advice about my two Pygmy Goats.

I have a Smallholding and keep alot of Poultry and we have 8 dogs and most recently bought to Goats.

However, the one Goat has become very jealous of the other and is attacking him.  I have two castrated males from a Local Breeder.  Whenever I go up to the run the one goat gets very protective of me and starts on the other one.  They are quite different in size too. 

I have an ankle problem that can make me quite unsteady on a bad day and I cannot cope with the bigger pushy Goat and am thinking of finding him another home with someone who could handle him better.  I am also looking at getting a Donkey and have been told he or she would live happily with the quieter Goat as a companion. 

So I would ask where could I go to rehome the one Goat and is this correct information about the Donkey - as I thought you had to get two together?

Any help would be great. 

Thank you very much.

Title: Re: Goat advice needed please
Post by: Scarlet.Dragon on July 30, 2021, 11:20:28 pm
First thing I would check is whether or not the 'pushy' one has been properly castrated (get your vet to check because if the castration was done by banding, it's perfectly possible there's a retained testicle and you have a rig). 

If the castration is confirmed (or corrected) then I'd introduce some 'rules' because it sounds as though they lack training and/or someone has been spoiling them to the point they expect treats or petting when you arrive, hence are getting pushy.

No, you can't re-home one goat unless it's to someone with several others already, and you will need to take on more goats if you do so (you should never have started with only 2 - 3 is a minimum as they're herd/flock animals).  Plus, who do you think is going to want your cast off given that you've indicated it's difficult to handle?  If you pass him on, he may go to an abusive or neglectful home when they find that he isn't a friendly and well behaved pet.  The kindest thing for him, if you don't want him any more, is to have him put to sleep (or slaughter and freezer if you're that way inclined). 

Given that you indicate their breeder is local, have you asked them for advice or do you not think they are competent to assist you?

If you have a problem with your ankle that means you can't handle a small goat, what makes you think you'll be fit to handle a much larger donkey? 

Both goats and donkeys need company of their own kind - mix and match means that they cannot demonstrate natural behaviours and therefore fails to comply with the '5 freedoms'.  Whist animals will make friends with other species in the absence of their own kind (it's a form of desperation); it is abusive to impose those circumstances deliberately and indicates you're putting your "wants" ahead of their "needs".  It's different if they have had company of their own kind whilst sharing space with other species and then lose their natural companion; then they will often graduate towards their neighbours sometimes even in preference to a newly introduced companion of their own kind, particularly if they're older animals.

It sounds to me as though the "sellers" of the animals you're buying are putting profit ahead of welfare.