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Title: Coughing
Post by: Festus on December 10, 2020, 06:09:55 pm
A few weeks ago, one of my goats started coughing - a rasping dry cough.  Soon they were all coughing, off their food and obviously feeling quite poorly.  The vet was called - twice - and administered antibiotics.  They were all wormed although dropping samples showed no evidence of lungworm.  The vet said it was a virus from which they’d recover but was no more specific than that.  They have in fact all recovered - up to a point.  One young doe, born last year, is still coughing.  However, she’s eating well and is well in herself.  The only symptom is the cough which she can’t shake off. Has anyone else experienced this or can suggest a possible diagnosis?
Title: Re: Coughing
Post by: Anke on December 10, 2020, 06:29:11 pm
I haven't experienced this but if it was my goat I would repeat antibiotics as well as giving her mineral drench (a sheep one containing copper), and make sure that your hay is definitely not dusty - what is their bedding? How well ventilated is the shed?

However it could also well have been viral...
Title: Re: Coughing
Post by: Festus on December 11, 2020, 08:51:54 am
Thanks Anke.  Her hay is this years and not dusty, her shed is very well ventilated and she’s out during the day.  I will certainly try the drench (can you recommend one?) and some more antibiotics. Bi wanted to breed from her this year but of course I can’t now so it’s quite frustrating.
Title: Re: Coughing
Post by: Anke on December 11, 2020, 10:07:50 am
Unless she is in bad condition or still visibly not well, I wouldn't think that you couldn't breed from her, she is a goatling? Sometimes if they have a lung infexction there is longer term scarring, and they will continue to coigh for quite a while.

I have used this guy for a while now, original recommendation came from TimTyne. I have not used it on my sheep recently, just on the goats. You can also contact him and have a chat. For the goats - the copper one deifnitely though. Same dose rates as sheep.

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Title: Re: Coughing
Post by: Festus on December 12, 2020, 08:01:00 am
Thanks Anke. I will get some of the copper drench and do all of them.  The only concern re. breeding is whether the owner of the billy where they were going would be too pleased to have her.  I will speak to her.  Thanks again
Title: Re: Coughing
Post by: Anke on December 12, 2020, 08:26:05 am
Were you thinking of boarding at the billy's? If not, then there shouldn't be a problem, she has been treated and you are probably having residual "phlegm" and possibly some scarring in her lungs.