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Title: Bought-in goats and bTB
Post by: FarmWheller on October 20, 2021, 11:16:09 pm
Should I have any goats I think of buying-in tested for bTB before I bring them home? As it's transmissible between goats and cows and I live in a high risk area.
The impression I get is that people generally don't bother having potential additions to the herd tested, but I wasn't sure if this was recommended or not. Thanks
Title: Re: Bought-in goats and bTB
Post by: Anke on October 21, 2021, 07:33:15 am
It is not generally recommended (not sure if it should be), and goats are tested only if a nearby herd of cattle has been identified. However if positive they would be pts.

I would speak to your vet, the person you are buying them from may (or may not) be keen on the test as well.

However you should be having any bought in goats tested for CAE and Johne's. If buying in kids, the dams need to be tested. Also you should check that the whole herd is clear for both CAE and Johne's- In the case of Johne's check if the herd vaccinates prior to buying. If Johne's vaccinated animals are tested for bTB they may well test positive, and the vets have to do an alternative blood test.