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Re: Wood Splitter
« Reply #45 on: October 17, 2012, 08:59:10 pm »
Hi MAK. At great expense we, our chickens, coops, sheds, runs and house contents have arrived.

Bought a Silky 6 metre extending saw for branches, which we have used to great effect.

Cubic metre of wood at local Brico is 89, so that's the target price. Costs about 3 for fuel to cut that with the chainsaw. Then there is the gazole for the van. So a mains electric chainsaw could save 2 but costs 220 (stihl 1400W 300mm bar). Then a day's labour of course- hard work but fun and I've lost half a stone as well clambering up hills and dragging logs around. Splitting is easy so that's the bit my wife does.

We have 6 cubic metres. Not sure it will be enough, even for this tiny place as the fire is inefficient.

Priority is the leaking roof. See what the landlord says tomorrow. Cheap dehumidifiers in Brico at 89 so we have one and are trying to dry the bathroom out. Have a tarpaulin we can throw over it before the forecast thunder storms later. The other problem is frequent power cuts combined with hatching chicks -16 in the storeroom cheeping happily as I type.


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Re: Wood Splitter
« Reply #46 on: October 17, 2012, 09:19:50 pm »
Hi Chris - you made it! the weight loss sounds familiar but what a great life you will have despite the snags and ups and downs. Are you near Sarlat?
Don't forget to make lots of noise when collecting the wood and keep safe. La Chasse starts early but they eat and drink from about noon. Walking in the woods at 16:00 hrs is not a god idea. Our hunt got 2 mushroom pickers in a day - kelled both !!
hope that the chickens do well and that you sell a few.
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Re: Wood Splitter
« Reply #47 on: October 18, 2012, 05:47:45 pm »
Hi MAK. This mushroom picker has a chainsaw, an axe, a Silky hand saw on my belt and a hatchet to hand so they won't get me easily! I don't work on a Sunday which is when the hunt is on and they do not have permission to hunt on this land anyway. The dogs do stray occasionally, but make a lot of noise so you would have time to prepare.

We live 30 kms Northwest of Sarlat near a lovely little town called Le Bugue.

Chicks are doing fine and the generator is now in place. Spare is 15 minutes from firing up and we have plenty of fuel.

Roof was fixed today. Made a good job of it as well. Dehumidifier is working well and we are down to 75% after extracting two litres from the room.

Will have to meet up with you sometime. Limoge is two hours away.


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Re: Wood Splitter
« Reply #48 on: October 18, 2012, 06:26:12 pm »
Sounds as if you are well protected against hunters. Our locals hunt Thursday, Saturday and Sunday but I am still risking chestnut harvesting on a Thursday and Sunday lunchtimes ( I don't work on the Saturday  ::)
We are an hour north of Limoges off the A20 the N145 towards Montlucon.
Have a look at the monthly market at Les Herolles - it is the place to go for chickens - so many different types its amazing. We could meet you there if ever you fancy a day out.

Cheers Martin
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