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Title: howard gem
Post by: landyman on October 22, 2010, 08:54:53 pm
hi help got a gem no/62907  :-\
how do the gears work for reverse because i think i have cogs missing but according too the manual there is no where from the selector for first second and third gear it then shows that there is 2 extra cogs in between the main drive wheels is this correct? ???  because when i brought the machine the man said that the reverse gear did not work.  the manual that i have got was downloaded from the web maybe from a differant year and or model but although talking to others the basic insides are the same is this true ???
The model number i have got on the side of the casing is 62907 is there any other identification marks that i can look for ??? also when the reverse gear is activated it pushes a rod to block off the clutch control in the linkage does this mean that reverse works when the clutch is up or am i just being thick :P 

if anyone knows what model this is could they please direct me in the right direction or even have a a picture from a manual to show how the gears look the one i have was the Howard Gem workshop manual on the first page  when searching for the picture on the web.

cheers ;D
Title: Re: howard gem
Post by: Le Recoignot on October 25, 2010, 03:39:23 pm
There is probably an owners club somewhere. The Howard Gem has quite a following - try googling it!