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Author Topic: Bit of advice required re dog behaviour  (Read 3431 times)


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Re: Bit of advice required re dog behaviour
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2013, 10:21:27 am »
A dog trainer I know who also boards dogs, told me off,well nicely, for pandering to my dog wimpering, its a case of tough love and his dogs, loads of them, all appeared pretty settled. My dogs are far too attatched to me as I am with them all the time too, I went into the forest with the car and had to drive it a few more yards to collect logs and my Labs got so worried they walked and even sat in front of my moving car...they were so confused, when its not hot, I often leave them in the car to go into shops and they are used to that, so yes, the car is a good place to get her used to you being away from her!


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Re: Bit of advice required re dog behaviour
« Reply #16 on: July 11, 2013, 03:26:40 pm »
Hi, the ignoring before you leave and on arrival is a fab thing to do, but can I just make it clear that it is NOT to make you 'top dog'.

There is no top dog. I am happy to give you many many references for how pack and dominance theory has been disproved (in the 1970s) and can do a lot of harm. Most of the 'dog trainers' that use dominance theory have never studied dog behaviour or training. Anyone can write a book or go on TV you don't have to have any idea what you are talking about. rant over.
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Re: Bit of advice required re dog behaviour
« Reply #17 on: July 11, 2013, 11:58:02 pm »
whoops wrong words then - sorry about that. I hate hearing of people training their dogs by dominating and that is not what i was meaning.  I was meaning that she didnt have to stress about the change.

what ever the psychology behind it, it worked and stopped her having accidents inside, barking , and generally being very stressed out  everytime I went out.  I became very aware of my ritual before going out - check my bag, check the locks, the fire, the oven was off, make sure the dogs had water, all those little things plus perhaps the jangle of the keys were obviously winding her up. Without it she turned into a very happy relaxed dog when i was out.  The neighbours let me know!

Welcome to rant  - the book seemed pretty sensible and I know that it stopped alot of people dragging their dogs around for walks half strangled on the lead, allowing them alot more freedom and understanding, that has got to be good.  But i get what your saying.


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