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Title: Anyone bought a croft with derelict house on?
Post by: Harry3333 on April 10, 2022, 08:50:03 am
Hello there,

I'm looking into buying a croft tenancy or owner occupied croft. I was brought up on a farm in the borders but never crofted.

I have a few questions at the moment, my first is about abandonned houses on crofts. There have recently been 2 crofts I was looking at where there has been no house on the croft, except for an abandonned old one. This has not been a ruin, there was glass in the windows, panelling on the walls and intact roof and walls in both. Neither had any services though. One had a well marked on the croft near the former dwelling but that's it.

I am wondering if any folks have bought a croft with a derelict/abandonned house on the croft but no habitable dwelling house? If so, is there anyone done this then renovated the old dwelling to live in? If you've done it, it'd be great to hear your experiences.

I'd ideally like to do this myself, I'd be happy to be off grid and do it very cheaply. But I'm not sure about any of the legalities like planning regs around this, except I know when a house is clearly anandonned it usually needs a new planning application made on it to put it back into residential use, and modern buildings regs apply as if it were a barn conversion.

Thanks a lot.


Title: Re: Anyone bought a croft with derelict house on?
Post by: Rosemary on April 11, 2022, 08:30:13 am
Can't help other than wish you the very best of luck - great to see abandoned crofts brought back into use. All power to your elbow :fc: