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Author Topic: WARNING ebay/paypal empty bank account!  (Read 5316 times)


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WARNING ebay/paypal empty bank account!
« on: January 25, 2008, 12:37:12 am »
 just a note to say that if any of you have an ebay/paypal account, please please please take care and keep a close eye on it .  I just had every penny I have taken out of my bank account.  I was lucky in that I saw the emails from ebay, telling me that I had bought 12 items that I new nothing about.  I phoned paypal to try to stop any payments but was told that all payments would go through .They did .  I had however also phoned my bank and told them about it , they couldn't do anything till the payments had gone unless I stopped all payments to paypal.  I was unable to do this ,as I had 2 other items that I DID buy just about ready to clear .   I was also lucky in that I saw the minute that payments started to go out . Another phone call to the bank and they recalled all 12 payments almost the instant they went out .  The thing about this is ,  the amount that was going to go out ....was almost exactly the amount I had in the bank. Now the sum was only 245 pounds, not much by todays standards,  but it was ALL I had in my account .    It would have put me into unauthorised  overdraft and cost me lots more money in charges. The good thing is I am ok and I didn't lose any money . It could so easily have been a different matter though .  So please take care of any ebay/paypal accounts ....Keep an eye on them . We all think "it won't happen to me" ....but it can , I know, it DID happen to me...



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Re: WARNING ebay/paypal empty bank account!
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2008, 07:20:03 am »
A few months ago I had an email from Pay Pal asking me to contact them re my account.  I had never had an account with Paypal, nor with Ebay.  I tried to find a way of contacting them via their site they never did respond.


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Re: WARNING ebay/paypal empty bank account!
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2008, 09:54:37 am »
paypal (in my experience) are rubbish at replying! ive contacted them several times through email and only got one reply from some bloke waffling on about the benefits of having a paypal account blah blah blah and completley ignoring what id written to ask in the first place! if you get verified you have a bit more protection but not loads! best thing to do is link paypal to an empty account and only put money into the account when you want to buy something! if you do claim money back through ebay / paypal you dont get all of it back only a % (in my experience!) i have had a couple of friends who seem to have been scammed although not for alot of money (under £20 although i know that is alot to some.) i dont know of any other choice on the web tho so ill be sticking with paypal for the time being!


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Re: WARNING ebay/paypal empty bank account!
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2008, 11:51:39 am »
HM ,
      if you don't have an account, the email was most likely a scam one. The thing with any email from ebay or paypal is to not connect to them from a link in an email but open up a new window seperately. I have had a few scam emails in the past. I sent them off to ebay and they replied saying that they were fraud ones.
                 I am verified but still got zapped, although I haven't lost any money "so far". Paypal said that when the money went out of my account , it would be paid back in 7-9 days....however when I then said that in the meantime I would get charges for going overdrawn ,would I get those back ? I was just told again ( 3 times actually) that the money would be paid back in 7-9 days....? oh well , as I said , I haven't lost any money ! but keep an eye open just in case !, if any of you do have accounts with them.


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