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Title: The present way of GOOIN on
Post by: Wizard on July 22, 2010, 08:56:25 am
This I hope will start a good thread fingers crossed.Please realise all or 99% of my statements will be gleaned from the Grimsby Evening Telegraph as is any thing I refer to as in the Telegraph I am not referring to the Daily Telegraph.So night after night one reads He took the car without the owners consent Not did steal and was chased by two police cars through the streets of the town at speeds of over70mph and was caught when he overturned the vehicle on the curve on the ramp going up onto the motorway.Words to this effect so you get the picture .NOW FOR MY MOAN.Justice Mr William Bloggs passing sentence having now heard of the charged's previous which included Taking cars without the owners consent (NOT STEALING THEM) Driving a uninsured motor car while he was disqualified from driving.At a previous case.You will do 100 hours unpaid community service and are disqualified from driving for a further 6 months.What a LAFF As if hes bothered about another additional 6 months disqualification.Similar stories or do you say reports are in the paper every night.Another silly suggestion is Stop or reduce their soch allowance.Thats right good idea.Then grumble like mad because someone has entered their home stolen various bits and gone down the pub and sold them because the magistrate reduced their funds and they must have their fix be it alcohol or drugs A chap said to me cut his hands off he won't be able to steal anything then to which I replied That's a bloody good idea.Then we can pay an agency 2k a week to feed the sod for the next 50years or so Yes it has got an advantage it has got someone a job so the unemployment figures are down 1 if they don't get some poor hard worked under paid nurse to add him to their round.Dearie me or is it daft old bastard.He wants to get into the 21st century all the things he wants died in the 20th ???If it wasn't serious ;D ;D ;D :farmer:
Title: Re: The present way of GOOIN on
Post by: WinslowPorker on July 22, 2010, 09:20:21 am
National service needs coming back and make it 2 years really really hard time as well, the problem is that there is no deterrent, prison is the easy option and they like going in as some sort of trophy!
bloke years ago round here decided to nick a motor did not realise that the family were a little notorious (to say the least!!) anyway he ends up bundled in a van and driven up the woods for a good hiding. didnt misbehave again, maybe a bit vigilante-ish but i think you have to fight fire with fire sometimes its the only thing they seem to understand??  ???
Title: Re: The present way of GOOIN on
Post by: Wizard on July 22, 2010, 09:31:00 am
Is what I am saying WP a fivers a bit much intit Mind you it should deter you from going out side and JUST  ;D :farmer:
Title: Re: The present way of GOOIN on
Post by: Wizard on July 22, 2010, 09:36:50 am
A Staff Sergent said to me last year at the steam rally "Why should we put up with them They are no good to anyone least of all themselves" to which I replied as I have been told by a chap the same age as me" 14 days in Colchester tends to make you see the error of your ways Not many has had a second visit" He laughed and said "If only" :farmer: