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Title: Rant... about the DSA
Post by: little blue on August 08, 2009, 01:40:55 pm
Grrrr!  Need to have a moan, if you don't mind   >:(

Had my umpteenth driving test booked for friday - I'm a good driver but get very nervous on test with a stranger sitting there in almost silence, speaking only to bark out orders "take the next left" etc.  I like to chat abit when Im driving, but anyway, I felt really ready this time and managed to fit in loads of practice beforehand.

They rang on Thursday, examiner off sick, test cancelled, cant rebook because computer system crashed, will write to me.
Letter today, rebooked for 6 weeks away, when I'm back at work, middle of the day, everyone that knew will think I've failed again
Cant look at other slots online because I have a test already booked, cant phone them up because its Saturday.

So still can't go and do all the things I wanted to over my holiday, husband too ill to drive, stuck with L plates til goodness knows when.

Grrrr.   (thanks for reading, I feel better already)
Title: Re: Rant... about the DSA
Post by: doganjo on August 08, 2009, 04:26:54 pm
What a bummer!  Hope you can reschedule and best of luck fro teh next time.  I took a couple of paracetamols before my test on my uncle's advice and it just seemed to settle my colly wobbles.
Title: Re: Rant... about the DSA
Post by: Fluffywelshsheep on August 08, 2009, 07:12:24 pm
i know what you mean, it took me 3 times due to my nerves the last time the driver tester said these word 'would you like your instructor, to hear you results' . I was nearly in tears and had to take my asthma inhaler , and he said well i have to tell you that i am 'please to tell you you have pass' i nearly kissed the guy lol.

I know it's hard to get their but what i found help me it to get the test route from the website and either go out and follow the route or what i did was go on to googlemap and follow it that way. What i found was that i got familiar with the streets and it reduced my nerves. I also had a Hole bag of imperial mints which i was stucking on all the way through to test lol.