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Title: Black oriental cat missing Weardale
Post by: SallyintNorth on March 30, 2022, 10:00:48 am
Just on the off-chance that any of our TAS members in that area haven't seen the leaflets, posters, social media etc my dear friend Ellie (sheepkeeper, off grid smallholder, feltmaker) has been distributing for her gorgeous boy Jethro, missing now for nearly 3 weeks after two strays (now caught and in the care of a charity) ousted him from his home.

There is a Facebook page with updates and all Ellie's contact details here (

For those who don't do Facebook, Ellie's phone numbers are 01388 537292 and 07308 605897.  (I would not normally publish anyone's contact details, but she is desperate to hear as soon as there is a sighting, so she can head straight out and call him.)

There is snow up there now, and although Jethro is a good hunter, Ellie is now becoming even more anxious about him.

Map showing locations of some of the recent sightings (between Nenthead / Killhope / Cowshill ; I know we have TAS members in that area) and a pic of Jethro :