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Title: accom in fife
Post by: gaconvn1106 on February 27, 2019, 07:32:25 am
Hi All,

Myself, my fiancÚ and our lovely 9yr old dog are looking for accommodation in Fife.  We are both starting work for a brewery in St Andrews on April 2nd so we need somewhere to live within 20-30mins of St Andrews.

We are both very passionate about farming and our dream is to save for a deposit on a farm of our own, we'd love to find either a cottage or static caravan (we can buy our own caravan if there is space available with power) to rent on a local farm so that we can help and learn while working our day jobs.  Our dog is very animal friendly and has been tested around almost every type of farm animal we can and she just ignores them!

We are more than willing to meet up and bring the dog etc to make sure we'd be a good fit, just PM me on here.