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Title: A week today - Sheep Judging event - all welcome
Post by: doganjo on March 29, 2014, 10:02:06 am
Central Scotland Smallholders are holding a Stock Judging event.

Greenwell cottage, Old Barn Road, Uplawmoor, Renfrew, G78 4BA - Saturday 5th April 2014 from 10am until 4 pm.

Start 10am
A short introduction to the CSSA and what we are trying to achieve.
10.10am- Dressing demo by Mr Campbell McKenzie
11.30am- Talk by Tom Stevenson on sheep products by Stockcare
11.45am- Talk by Mac-Min Minerals
12/1pm Lunch & raffle
1pm- Our judge will judge all the sheep first then the participants will be able to have “hands on” judging.
1pm- guess the weight of the lamb competition
1.30pm- Competitors will have 10 mins on each sheep pen to decide their choice from 1st-4th
2.40pm- Stock judging results
2.45pm -2nd dressing demo by Mr Campbell McKenzie
3.55pm- vote of thanks close of day.

Bring your own lunch.