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Title: Swarm central!
Post by: arwelcoed on July 21, 2012, 01:28:35 pm
I can't believe it! There is another swarm outside our living room window in a conifer tree, this will be the forth this year! I am so annoyed because I want to keep bees so badly but have not budgeted for the hive and all the other paraphernalia this year after spending loads on other areas of the holding. My question is why? Why are there so many swarms coming to the same same tree? And do you think it's a fair bet some will use it again next year when I'm prepared?
Title: Re: Swarm central!
Post by: Moleskins on July 21, 2012, 10:03:08 pm
Will they use it again next year?
Almost certainly not, but I've had bees swarm into a particular hedge two years on the trot so anythings possible.
If you've had that many swarms available to collect you really should have tried to get a hive to put them into, the cost of bees next year will be say, 125 so it would have paid you to collect them and home them while you had the chance. Had nobody got any second hand stuff you could have got your hands on?  :bee: :bee:
Also has nobody else collected these swarms, have they just flown off, if so they've probably been lost altogether which is a great shame considering we're so short of bees.
Why so many swarms?
Well it's just been one of those years, the rain keeps them in, they get bored and make a new Queen, first bit of fine weather and they're off. That's my take on it anyway.
Title: Re: Swarm central!
Post by: arwelcoed on July 21, 2012, 11:12:13 pm
I did not mean the same swarm again next year! I was just wandering if there is something about this tree that draws them here?
I have tried dealing with my local swarm coordinator who has turned out to be an arrogant and unhelpful man. And two others didn't want to travel in case of them having diseases and there for waisting there time. This current swarm will no doubt be on the move again tomorrow just as soon as they warm up so if anyone wants them please let me know or if they have a nucleus or hive I can borrow for a week while I get set up I would be  over joyed!
Title: Re: Swarm central!
Post by: Moleskins on July 22, 2012, 11:08:09 am
They'll probably be gone now but if not try Google search for British Bee Keeping Association.
Find your local branch and see if anyone has any old kit to set them up in, beekeepers are normally a friendly helpful bunch.
Title: Re: Swarm central!
Post by: anderso on July 23, 2012, 11:31:39 am
way not make your own hive is 18 x 18 x 12 or 9 inchs or even a old box as a tem p hive and put in top bars 25 mm wide then at least you are not losing the bees - have a range of plans -