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Tupping time

Monday 20 October, 2014

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We normally follow the traditional dates for sheep, putting the tup in with the ewes on 5th November for a 1st April start to lambing.

This year, we’re on holiday from 4th to 11th; while the sheep will be checked every day, John doesn’t know them like I do and won’t be able to say which ewe has been tupped on which day.

So I’ve decided to put the tup in next Tuesday 28th October, making the start date for lambing of 24th March. I can then see that he’s working before I go.

All sheep home

Saturday 18 October, 2014

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Today’s job (18th October) was to bring our female sheep home from our temporary grazing. Our fifteen breeding ewes and gimmers were at Barry Mill and our eight ewe lambs plus two “nurse” ewes (retired but two of our “originals” so here for life) were at a farm near Arbroath.

A combination of routine and the docile (and food motivated) nature of the Coloured Ryeland made this fairly easy. Since we’ve had the temporary grazing, getting on the trailer has become part of the normal routine and usually means “new grass”, so loading the two small flocks was pretty straightforward; when they see the open trailer, they’re on.

High Edge Taylor

Thursday 2 October, 2014

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With Nemo going for pies in March, we needed to buy a new tup this year. And we have! He's called High Edge Taylor and was bred by Debbie Bostock in Derbyshire. I picked him up in Carlisle on 20th September, so he's been in isolation since then, while he's been wormed and fluked.

Since he seems in rude good health, we let him out today, along with his companion, Little Ted. They are in the "garden" round the caravan - lots of grass for two batchelor boys!

Little Ted is one of this year's tup lambs; his services as a companion for the tup were required because of the untimely death of Dickie, the previous wether. Little Ted is way, way smaller than all the other tup lambs; he's also, coincidentally, out of the same ewe as Dickie.

Time flies when you're having fun

Thursday 2 October, 2014

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Help ma boab! Over six weeks since the last diary entry. But it's not because we've been slacking or on holiday. There was a wee business of an independence referendum going on here that proved a bit of a distraction. Now the result didn't go the way we wanted, but we'll just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again. But politics is not for this forum, so tat's enough of that.

We've also had the Scottish Smallholder and Grower Festival last Saturday - that takes up most of September. So we're playing catch up a bit in all aspects of life :-)

Sheep gathered

Monday 11 August, 2014

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All our sheep are now at Astwood - twelve ewes, seven gimmers and twenty one lambs - ready for weaning. We're planning to do this next weekend. The ewes and gimmers will run together; tup lambs will go in with the bullocks and the ewe lambs are coming home to Dalmore.

We have fourteen ewe lambs thsi year, so I've sold six and am keeping eight, so I want to have a good look at them before I decide which to keep and which to sell.

I'm culling two ewes and retiring two this year, so I'll have fifteen going to the tup in November. We're collecting our new tup, High Edge Taylor, in September.

Fleece angst

Thursday 19 June, 2014

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Bleh! I'm not good out of my comfort zone, although I should be used to it by now.

Twenty sheep sheared a few weeks ago - 19 fleeces in boxes, comprising 7 from gimmers (one white, six coloured) and 12 from ewes (three white, 9 coloured). And I don't know what to do with them :-(

I have sold single fleeces privately in the past (as opposed to the Wool Board, who don't really want my we bag of coloured fleece anyway) but it's a futter, boxing and posting. I sold them as a lot last year, which was better, but I just have the feeling I could be doing more with them. If I knew what I was doing :-)

Moving sheep

Sunday 8 June, 2014

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We took all the sheep to our rented grazing last weekend. We had a couple of jobs to do first though. First we split the lambs into a separate pens from their mammys. We did this by lifting them over the hurdles - not something that we'll be able to do in a couple of weeks. A lot of them are right wee chunks :-) Once split off, we gave them all a 2ml dose of Heptavac P Plus, marking them with crayon as we went. They'll get a second dose in 4-6 weeks.

Then we ran the ewes through the race and crate, trimmed feet and sprayed with Crovect (they were shorn 21st May). As we let each ewe out, we put her back towards the lamb pen so that we could identfy and tag her ewe lambs. We don't register any tup lambs so we simply tag when they are going to the abattoir but it's vital to get the ewe tagging, and therefore registrations, correct. Every year, I think I might tag at lambing but the tags look so big in little ears - so the same argument goes round every year.

Dickie is dead

Wednesday 28 May, 2014

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Feeling a bit gutted this afternoon. Dickie, our Coloured Ryeland wether, died today.

He was one of our first crop of lambs in 2009. He had a white streak of wool on his face that reminded me of Dickie Davies :-) I couldn't bear to eat him, so we had him castrated and kept him as a tup companion (also mentor to various groups of tup and ewe lambs). We took him to the vet in the back of the car to be "done", and Dan held him, legs akimbo (Dickie's not Dan's) while the vet did his stuff.

Finally our 2014 lambing is over

Tuesday 6 May, 2014

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Jura produced a large tup lamb this afternoon, between 2pm and 5pm. When I went to feed the ewes at 5pm, he was up and dried. Mind you, it's been a glorious day here. So lamb and ewe are in the field shelter. Her teats are quite big so I made sure he suckled before I went for my dinner - which was nice but not as nice as HIS appeared to be, judging by the waggly tail :-) I'll ring him in the mroning and he can get out on the grass - she won't lose him.

So, thirteen ewes to the tup; twelve in lamb, twenty two lambs scanned; twenty two born alive, one dying shortly after birth :-(. Of the twenty one live lambs, seven tups and 14 ewes. So a lambing % of 161 - best we've had so far.

One to go

Wednesday 16 April, 2014

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Juno had twins this morning - a ewe first (head, nae feet) and a tup. All doing well. Like Jinx, she's a bit low-slung but the lambs seem to have cottoned on to kneeling pretty quick.

Jinx's are wee porkers :-)

So, just Jura to go; expecting a single today, but she's an awkward b*gger, so I bet she makes me wait.

Soooo looking forward to an unbroken night's sleep :-)

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