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Tooth oot / Weeding / Sunset

Thursday 27 April, 2017

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Monday 20th March

So toady is the vernal equinox – day and night of equal length. Hopefully, we’ll see the grass start to come away now.

Jane was here to trim Bug’s feet; the grass may already be coming away, so he’s on restricted access now, poor boy.

Ace’s increased feed seems to be working and he’s a bit less ribby.

Tuesday 21st March

I had tooth extracted this morning. Dentist told me to have a restful day, so I did.

Holyrood / Trailer service / Boys moved / Weeding

Thursday 20 April, 2017

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Monday 13th March

Caught up with paperwork and cleaned out the caravan henhouse.

Tuesday 14th March

Pressure washed the trailer after the sheep movement on Sunday.

Received, from my MSP, a copy of a letter from Fergus Ewing assuring us of his support for small farmers and saying that his officials will be looking at the Small Farm Grant Scheme to see where improvements can be made.

New pigs / Veg sowing / Cattle out / Bee inspection

Wednesday 19 April, 2017

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Monday 10th April

Back from sunny Gran Canaria today to find that the weather here has been pretty good too – with no rain while we were away.

John got all the paddocks harrowed and there were no mishaps – all animals stayed where they were supposed to and stayed healthy, which is good.

Tuesday 11th April

Jeez, windy today. Good drying day so got caught up with washing and housework and some paperwork. It’s the end of the financial year and the time of year when I mentally promise to do better next year – new spreadsheet; clean slate and all that. My record keeping isn’t bad but could be better.

School visit / SCF Gathering / Sheep moves

Monday 13 March, 2017

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Monday 6th March

Well, it was the weekly skip trip today, mainly stoorie hay. Thank goodness that’s coming to an end.

Mucked out the byre; good stuff coming out of it – a mix of chopped straw, soil and chicken poo, so I’ve made a separate pile for it.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s school visit, moved Nugget, our “feisty” cockerel into an area we won’t be entering.

Found a White Leghorn bloodied this morning; gave her a wash and put her back in the run. I’d guess it was a result of the reestablishment of the pecking order. Hopefully, she’ll be OK.

Hens out / Worming / Foot trimming / Diesel's gotcha day

Monday 6 March, 2017

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Monday 27th Feb

Packed day today; visit to Ravensby to have a look at the grazing. It looks pretty good – there are two good shed, one a hay barn and then a block of looseboxes. Need to have a better look at the fencing though.

The owners have a lovely golden Labrador pup – he’s one of Bryn’s buddies now.

Made my weekly pilgrimage to the skip. Linda preempted me and turned out the potting shed. Much evidence of mice – it’s built with sleepers so not even nearly mouseproof so everything edible has been removed and the cats given free access – Bertie is dining well.

Hens moving / Hay bell / Feed store clean / Escaped steer

Monday 27 February, 2017

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Monday 20th

What a beautiful spring day. Decided to check the electric fence in the ponies’ field – it was working.

Pressure washed the perches and ladders from the brown and green henhouses and sprayed both houses with disinfectant.

After dark, did paperwork and the conference clear down, writing up notes for next year.

Tuesday 21st

Not so nice today – grey, colder and windy.

Don’t know what happened in Sheepfold last night but the electric tape protecting the wall was broken this morning and Smokey and Bug were dead spooky. Lucy was fine.

Vertigo / Pig pen fence / Conference / Poultry

Thursday 23 February, 2017

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Saturday 11th February

Not much of a blog this week as we’ve been away for a few days with our daughter. All seemed to go fine while we were away.

Paul started preparations for the “classroom” today. We need a better name for it. I call it the Man Cave but that’s no good either.

Dan moved the caravan hens this morning. The good news is that the Avian Flu “lock down” is being relaxed from 28th February so the hens should get back out then.

Scotmoves / Vaccination prep / Boundaries / Grants

Monday 6 February, 2017

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Monday 30th January

Cold, cold this morning. Was up at four, wakened by the barking of foxes – and suddenly realized I hadn’t shut the pophole for the caravan hens. All well but there were three foxes – very noisy. Guess it must be the mating season.

Paperwork day today – got to use the new Scotmoves system for cattle.

Goodbye Meg / Winnie moved / Mucking out Rosie

Monday 30 January, 2017

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Monday 23rd January

Ooh, full sun today. Zaza came for her Monday morning play with Bryn.

Meg was much better this morning; she came out with me, had a big pee, supervised my morning tasks and ate all her breakfast. She even played in the hay. By 11am, she was shut in the dining room in her bed and sound asleep. We think she needs to rest more, which is why she’s good in the morning and poorly at night. But she’s such a sticky beak that she has to see what’s going on.

Planning / Clean polytunnel / Bird boxes / Patio

Friday 27 January, 2017

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Monday 16th January

Cleaned out the hen byre today. It was easier than I expected, although there was more bedding than I thought. Still, it made a good base in the muck heap.

And I completed my quarterly VAT return. Always nice to get that off the desk.

Tuesday 17th January

My lovely Winnie has become a monster. She wouldn’t get her halter on today and kicked me on the leg – well, she did get it on eventually.

Looking at the way she’s flirting with Ace, I think she’s coming into season – so I’ll put it down to hormones and forgive her. She’ll be 7 months old on Monday, so I’m thinking that it’s nearly time for her to be weaned. This year, I’ll do that by taking her up to run with the steers at Astwood.

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