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Monday 5 June, 2017

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Monday 22nd May

Been a bit showery today, which is good.

Had a spectacular fall today while moving the cheeps – the rope broke just as I heaved on it. I must have gone down like I’d been poleaxed. Bit of a sore shoulder but mainly humiliation.

Firmed up for shearing on Thursday. It’s a good forecast for the rest of the week, so the fleeces should be good and dry.

Ordered a third wool bag and sealing tags. And Clik. Then “found” a full bottle of Crovect in the cupboard.

Milking / Camembert / Open Farm Sunday / Sky corgi

Friday 9 June, 2017

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Monday 29th May

It’s been a showery day.

Annie and Panda are still in a seperate paddock from the others but I’ll let them through tomorrow. Panda has been up and about. She’s small but very active and Ace is fascinated.


She’s brindle and white but I guess she’ll go black as her mum did.

Meet Paddy / Courses / New queen bee

Wednesday 14 June, 2017

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Monday 5th June

It’s been wet today. Did I really complain about the lack of rain last month?

Ace has been “babysitting” Panda.

Tuesday 6th June

Just more rain, and more rain. And wind.

I replaced Annie’s missing ear tag this morning – easy, as there was already a hole.

Wednesday 7th June

Looks like autumn here. So many leaves and branches blown off the trees. It’s still windy but the weather is improving. Not quite flaming June though.

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