The Toggenburg is the first breed of goat to have its own breed section with the British Goat Society. Originating in Switzerland, the first of the breed came to the UK in 1882. Further goats were imported in 1922 and 1965.

Toggenburg GoatToggenburg goat.

A smaller goat than its British version, the Toggenburg is none the less a strong, sound goat, which matures well, like the British Toggenburg not reaching its best until sometimes four of five years of age.

Like the British Toggenburg, it is brown in colour with Swiss markings (white markings on the face, ears, legs and around the tail). The goat's coat can be any length, but there is generally fringing down the spine and on the back legs as a minimum, if not more.

Showing ToggenburgsShowing Toggenburgs.

They have neat, small heads, with a dished face. In temperament they are similar to the British Toggenburg- mischievous as youngstock, but calm and relatively easily handled as milkers.

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