British Toggenburg

British Toggenburg goats are brown in colour with Swiss markings (white markings on the face, ears, legs and around the tail). They originated by being crossed with the original Swiss Toggenburg goats, and crossed with the UK goats, which over the years has increased their size, and they are generally now short haired unlike the pure Toggenburgs.

British ToggenburgBritish Toggenburg.

Their colour can vary in shade, from the palest light brown, to a dark chocolate brown. However their coats should not be “Salt and Pepper” coloured, ie two coloured.

They can still be bred with the pure Toggenburg goats, and the offspring would still be registered as British Toggenburgs.

British Toggenburg KidBritish Toggenburg kid.

They are a strong, hardy breed, known for good milk yields, and long lactations. They make good smallholding goats, as they mature well, often not coming to their best until four or five years of age. In addition their good yields, which they can easily maintain for a long period of time (with good management for two -three years after kidding) make them a really useful animal.

Milking a British ToggenburgMilking a British Toggenburg.

They generally produce respectable butterfat and protein contents in their milk, meaning their milk can be used for a wide variety of uses.

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