Golden & British Guernsey

Golden Guernsey goats come from as their name suggests, Guernsey, where they are believed to be indigenous. They didn't come across to England until 1965, when they were soon recognised for the useful animals they are.

Golden Guernsey GoatGolden Guernsey.

They are smaller than most of the other dairy breeds, and do generally produce less milk. However, as they are smaller, they take up less room, and can be kept on minimal area of ground, and yet still produce enough daily milk for a household.

The Golden Guernsey has a closed herd book with the British Goat Society, meaning that only Golden Guernseys crossed with other Golden Guernseys can be registered as purebred.

Milking a Golden GuernseyMilking a Golden Guernsey.

British Guernseys were created by using Golden Guernsey males on successive generation's of UK goats, until a breed type was successfully obtained. In both breeds, colour is golden, in varying shades, but swiss markings are a fault although small white marks may be passable. Fringing is normal, although is not essential.

Golden Guernseys are one of only two breeds of goats to be monitored by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. They are listed by RBST as being a minority breed.

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