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Author Topic: a yearly plan of worming and when too. plus pour ons etc vaccines Heptavac.Hi  (Read 2801 times)


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Hi after being out of sheep for twenty years i have got the bug again. Please could somebody tell me from January to December when they worm and vacinate etc through out the year, thanks Mike.
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Marches Farmer

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If you'd care to PM me I can e:mail you a copy of our Flock Plan.  It's specific to our breeds, our farm and our system but might give you a starting point for adapting it to your own flock.


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MF has previously sent me a copy of his which I have adapted. Small-scale though I am, I found a flock management plan very helpful tool indeed.


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You could also discuss stock plan with your vet ours does it free of charge so ask first. They should have information about local area problems as well as all the basics. You need to take into consideration what you have had on the land pre getting some sheep and make sure that you quarenteen the sheep to check for worm and health problems. Get a FEC done and worm appropriately with the vets advice re the result , even if you're told they have been weighed. :wave:


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Agree with the suggestion to chat it through with your vets, mine have been very very helpful.  We have a real fluke problem up here, so my vet-recommended dosing plan would probably be inappropriate for sheep kept on drier land.

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Thanks a lot i wi?l take your comments on board and speak to our vet. Mike.

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MF has previously sent me a copy of his which I have adapted. Small-scale though I am, I found a flock management plan very helpful tool indeed.
i will second that
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Sorry to be a bit thick lol but what or who is MF thanks Mike.


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Marches Farmer, see his kind offer above. One of the more worthy IMHO.

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Hi yes I understand now. I have received  a plan off MF. Sorry about the confusion  :sunshine:



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